Jul 17

Three Sunsets

Three Sunsets by Kevin Neary I snapped the picture as the sun set between the buildings on West 111th Street. The light and shadow were stunning. * The next day I sat for an aeon staring at a sunset on canvas. Expansive, glowing, red-orange through that massive cloud. * That hot and humid evening in …

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Jul 12

Buckminster Fuller — Futurist.

“Thinking is a momentary dismissal of irrelevancies.” * The quote above is from the 1969 book titled, Utopia or Oblivion: The Prospects of Humanity, a book that by early 21st Century standards would likely be rather dull. However there are some little gems of wisdom within. I suspect, even forward thinking members of society, like …

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Jul 06

Whole Hog

The main item at the top is a pulled pork sandwich, next to a BBQed chicken drumstick, a couple of delicious pasta salads, deviled egg in the center, green beans with bacon at 9 o'clock and baked beans at 11.

At my commencement ceremonies from the Culinary Institute of America, in 1980, I had the pleasure of listening to Jaques Pepin address our graduating class. His theme was “cooking with love”. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of enjoying a whole hog roast as I watched two people “cooking with love”. Kim and Rich Green, owners …

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Jul 01


pan fried pork chops

*** On the small farm hogs are an easy animal to raise as a source of meat. A family of four that grows much of their own food can feed the scraps from kitchen and garden waste to a pair of hogs and within months have a return on that investment that will stock the …

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Jun 26

End of June Garden Report

The full view of my main garden plot looking east.

In this post from early June, I shared a few pictures from the garden to give an idea of what I had started in the various beds. This post will show the difference that 3 weeks makes. Here we are at the end of June and everything is booming!. Compare this shot (below left) of …

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Jun 15

Father’s Day

It has been almost 9 years since my Dad passed. I knew the day would come. Dad’s health had been failing for several years and in his final two months he spent most of the time in bed. I think he was in a lot of pain near the end, but he would never complain. …

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Jun 14

“A view from the vault.”

Just for fun. Regular readers of this blog know that I was an avid fan of the music group known as the Grateful Dead. For many years, they were the background music to my life. JUNE 14, 1991–Twenty-three years ago today, the group performed a show and here is the link to a Youtube video …

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Jun 05

How a semi-automatic handgun works.

Around 1906-1907, John Moses Browning, one of America’s most prolific gun designers, created a pistol with superior stopping power in a semi-automatic function. At that time, the .45 caliber (bullet diameter .451″) cartridge had been available for many years used in a revolver, but the advent of the “auto-pistol” revolutionized the craft of the pistolero. …

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Jun 01

Watch The Stars

Russet Potatoes -- these two hills should produce about 50 pounds of spuds.

  Posting has been light recently due to a heavy gardening schedule and all the other stuff I need to get done. There are times when I just feel like there are not enough hours in the day….or, maybe there should be two of me! If only I could clone myself. Though, I suspect that …

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May 25

Karl Hess

* In previous posts I have written about great American thinkers who challenged the authority of the state. Men like Emerson, Thoreau and Spooner. I’ve also written about Ayn Rand, the great 20th Century intellectual known for her novels about self-ownership and individual liberty. I have also introduced readers to the writings of Claire Wolfe …

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