Oct 23

Asparagus to sleep for Winter

This picture taken at the end of October after the fronds have been cut back.

It was 18 months ago in my garden when I planted asparagus from both seed and crowns. I wrote about the detailed process to prepare the beds and in this article I showed a picture of my healthy and robust fronds that were exceeding 9 feet in height!   At the end of the growing …

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Oct 19

Plastic tarps in the garden

Apply black plastic over a bed in the early part of spring to warm the soil.

Plastic tarps have several uses in the garden. As a wind-break and a shield from cold, snow, rain and hail plastic can help save tender crops from frost or damage from heavy rain or hail. Black plastic is especially useful in cooler climates to aid in warming the soil in the early part of spring. …

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Oct 17

Scenes of Autumn

The corn's a bumper crop.

* The October rains came and washed away September’s parched crust. The lovely colors fell and faded into the memory of a season that passed all too fleetingly. * The Autumn colors were not especially bright this year and they did not seem to stay too long. I think the end of Summer was too …

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Oct 12

Norman Rockwell

The American painter and cartoonist, Norman Rockwell had an uncanny ability to depict everyday normal events and occasions with a unique talent of inserting humor into the scene. His Saturday Evening Post covers have become famous for their quaint and charming quality. I would classify his work as Americana. Often amusing, sometimes deeply moving, occasionally …

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Oct 11

After Apple Picking

A Macintosh in October.

The great America poet, Robert Frost is a perennial favorite here on the blog. At this time of year I thought it would be appropriate to offer one of his harvest themes. Go here to find more Frost on my blog After Apple Picking By Robert Frost   My long two-pointed ladder’s sticking through a …

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Oct 09

The Band

October is the end of the baseball season and with this being the second post in the same day we can call it a double-header. * Another musical group from my generation was simply named, The Band. They were very influential on the pop music scene from 1964 – 1978. I even remember they made …

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Oct 09

Beer, Ale, Stout.

For keeping your bottled beer cold in hot weather and for simultaneously keeping your had warm while holding a cold beer, the "Ale-Gator"  sleeve works quite well.

* This brew was a new name to me. A “Blonde” style ale hand crafted in Belgium . The label indicated a release date of April of 2012 and further showed a progression of the flavor development over time. I found this ale to be a little cloudy, slightly sweet with malt and a bit …

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Oct 05

The Ghost of Saturday Night

Toma Waits is known for his ability to paint a picture using his words and music. These sketches are often some of life’s common and even mundane occurrences. His raspy voice adds a smokey flavor to the lyrics. His use of profanity is a turn off for some people, but I think it is part …

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Oct 03

Life’s a Long Song.

In the mid-1970’s, flutist and intrepid Scot poet, Ian Anderson formed the group Jethro Tull. The band name is of course, taken from the British agriculturist responsible for creating many of the tools and methods still used today. The bands performance was theatrical and loud! Ian with his tights and codpiece prancing about the stage …

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Sep 30

June visits with her family.

June and TT in Ft. Tryon Park overlooking the Hudson River with George Washington Bridge in the back ground.

This past weekend, I hosted my long time student, June Zhu, her husband, Leo and their lovely daughter, TT. I am especially fond of little TT, because in spite of June scheduling her lessons early in the morning before TT wakes up, the little darling sometimes awakens before the lesson is finished. When that happens, …

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