Jun 17


“Firefly, can you see me? Shine on, glowing, brief and brightly. Could you imagine? One summer day, That same night, be on your way.” From Passenger, by Phil Lesh *** In much of the Eastern U.S. there is an interesting insect that starts to appear, usually after sundown, in the month of June and continuing …

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Jun 13

Mid-June Garden Report 2015

wild strawberry

  Tiny little wild strawberries are delicious and this year I actually remembered to toss a mesh net over them as they went into bloom. Only the few on the periphery were eaten by deer or birds or rabbits. Most years I forget to cover them and I get none. These were wonderful on my …

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Jun 04

Has it been 3 years already?

Wow! June already? And it seems, I’d barely noticed three years have passed since publishing the first article on this blog.   In the month of June 2012, I actually published two articles. The first one, linked above, was about my first trip to London, England       and the next piece was about …

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May 24

American Pie

In 1972, Don McLean wrote the song American Pie. A catchy little tune with an easy to remember refrain. For any American of high school or collage age at the time, the song was clearly understood as a lament to the loss of innocence our culture was enduring. There are many pop-culture references about art, …

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May 22

Memorial Day Weekend

Using plastic tarps to cover early spring crops when a freeze is forecast.

In the U.S.A. what is known as Memorial Day, is generally considered the official start of the summer season. Throughout the nation, community lakes and pools open as do city pools for city residents. Seaside beaches open for their short season and many parks that may be closed in winter will reopen for camping. Like …

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May 11

…in the merry month of May!

Heirloom asparagus planted 3 years ago from European seed.

May is a lovely month. April can be a little blustery with wet and cold sometimes a little snow. May is flowers and some showers. Plenty of sunshine and even some days of prematurely hot temperatures. *** I was absent most of last month while traveling about China. When I returned home, the weather was a marked …

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May 01

Closing thoughts on Travel to China

Some final thoughts as I reflect on this fascinating trip to China. First — I will never understand the rules of the road in China. I have to say, it was a little scary just being a passenger. Actually, I am not certain there really are any rules of traffic. Left turn from the far …

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Apr 30

Traditional Chinese medicine, massage and acupuncture.


  I mentioned some of the differences between Eastern and Western massage in the post about my visit to Jinan, China. In this article I will go into greater detail. For starters, there are clear separations for the types of care and treatment in the U.S. As an example, massage practitioners are not permitted to …

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Apr 28


The flight was a little rough and booking it for late in the day was a mistake. I hate checking into hotel late at night. I still had a head cold and needed a good night sleep, but that was not likely as I checked in after midnight. Anyway, up in the morning for breakfast …

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Apr 27


Yangyang and her twin sister.

Taking the high-speed rail again, this time to Shanghai a city of 23 million (+ or – depending on how you count), the biggest city I have ever visited. A city that appears to be highly modernized, yet when you scratch the surface there are still some relics of the past. On one side of …

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