Apr 23

High-Speed Rail to Jinan

This game of scrabble was an introduction to the game for several students, but we had fun.

Jinan (population 8 million) – “city of springs” – 72 natural springs and the home of the ancient politician and philosopher, Confucius. The train I boarded in Beijing is a regular run between the Capital and Shanghai, with a stop in Jinan. I was duly impressed with China’s high-speed rail system! It is clean, efficient and …

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Apr 21

Beijing, The Forbidden City and Falling on the Great Wall.

grille Brussels sprouts with asparagus and fresh spring peas.

Beijing, a city of more than 19 million (+or – a few million depending on how you count), is the seat of China’s national government and home to many famous ancient cultural attractions The vibe of this city is busy, bustling, crowded and everyone is in a huge hurry. The fast pace is typical of …

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Apr 19

Final night – trip summary


I am back home from my trip to China. Walked through the door of my place the night before last, April 18th at 10 PM Eastern time. I was too wired to go to sleep and needed to eat and shower. I did not sleep a wink on the plane, so I was awake for …

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Mar 27

Gone to China


Ready, set, go! 3rd article in this series. Go here for the first article where I talk about planning this trip and here for the second with information and ideas about preparing for the trip. The plan has been a long time in the making. I’ve done much reading and research from various source material. …

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Mar 19

Henry Hudson

The Hudson River is named after him in addition to Hudson Street in lower Manhattan and I think there are Hudson Streets in several towns around the region, the Mid-Hudson Bridge in Poughkeepsie bears his name and even a fictional place called Hudson University in TV-land.. Henry Hudson was a Dutch explorer of the 17th …

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Mar 13

The Rocky Road to Dublin

In recognition of the upcoming annual St. Patrick’s Day festivities, (previous St. Paddy’s Day posts here and here) I offer the lyrics to this rousing Irish jig titled, THE ROCKY ROAD TO DUBLIN. ‘Tis a comical tale of a young lad who departs from his home seeking work as a field hand. Soon after bidding …

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Mar 07

Mike McNulty, R.I.P.

Regrettably, I did not post this last week when I had a chance. Due to weather problems, the host server crashed and was down for the past couple of days. Belated sympathies to the McNulty family. Mike McNulty, has passed on. His local newspaper obituary can be found here. A man I did not know personally, but learned of …

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Mar 07

Here it comes again…

In the past I have written about this daylight savings time nonsensical ritual we do in most of the U.S. You can read here and here for the background. Well, here it comes again. Sunday, March 8th. @ 2 AM. Some tips to help ease the strain of time change can be found here.

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Mar 03


A deep layer of snow covers the ground here, in this first week of March and there is more snow falling as I write this. In spite of the snow and cold, I heard the coo-OO-ing of the mourning dove and I am reassured that springtime is on the way. Perhaps it was the sweet …

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Feb 27

The New York Pass*

The Gray Lady stands directly across 8th Ave. from the Port Authority Building.

When visiting a city the size of New York, it is difficult to narrow down the best sights to see if you are limited to only one day. Most of the attractions listed herein are consider to be the highlights of a visit to New York City. In previous articles I have written about my …

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