Jan 21

So Many Roads

In the comments section of the previous post I used a partial lyric from Robert Hunter as a reply to my old friend. The following are the song lyrics in their entirety. So Many Roads lyrics written by Robert Hunter, music by Jerry Garcia Thought I heard a blackird singing Up on Bluebird Hill Call …

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Jan 13

Old Friends

A few months before the holidays, I made plans to meet-up with a few old friends for dinner. For many people the holiday season is usually too busy with family and sometimes work related celebrations, so we set the date for early in the new year. My old childhood pal, Quinn, with whom I share …

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Jan 07

The night sky in winter.

The night sky in winter seems more majestic than any other time of year. On a clear winter night, if you can stand the cold, it is a great time to get out and look up! Follow this link to read about what’s up in the night skies of January. Here is a lesser known …

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Jan 06

Bitter cold start to the new year.

  This first week of the new year has been quite cold. We’ve had sub-freezing temperatures for more than a week and a bit of snow. The snow was mostly blown into drifts, as the winds were intense for several days in a row. Wind combined with very cold temperatures pose serious risk to …

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Dec 31

Accessories for Wine Lovers.

It is important to know how to open a bottle of wine properly and to have the correct tools to do the job effectively. We start with the standard corkscrew – it should have at least 5 rotations in the length of the “screw”. The reason for this is there are a number of wines …

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Dec 30

Out With the Old…

As the New Year approaches, it’s time to reflect on the past 12 months and hopefully something can be learned from the experience. It is also a good time to lay plans for the coming year’s goals and activities. What are your goals for 2018? Do you have plans to travel? How about new …

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Dec 28

The Oldest Port I’ve Stored in my Cellar.

Quinto do Vesuvio 1990 – When I purchased this bottle all the professional reviewers were saying it was a big one….so big, in fact, that it would keep for 30 – 40 years. Well, to date, this is the oldest bottle of wine I have ever kept in my cellar. Vintage port is aged in …

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Dec 10

2017 – End of the Year Review

  This year’s travels — Early in the year – Atlanta, I enjoyed the time with young Mr. Pi, though I did catch a nasty bug on that trip.   Jinan in Springtime, as always it was great to meet with so many of my friends and students.     In conjunction with the Jinan visit, …

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Dec 08

Building Confidence in Your ESL Skills

  The more I learn the more I realize how little I know. * Recently, I had the pleasure of receiving praise from one of my long term students. She had just returned home from an international business trip. She was so excited to exclaim that, I “gave her the confidence” to communicate with foreigners …

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Nov 29

Sunset doesn’t last all evening.

Long ago, before Heavy Metal, Punk Rock and all the rest of the cacophony out there today…. There was a band called the Beatles. They came from England and they had a profound impact on the world music scene. Their sound was new, fresh and innovative… it was different than anything that had come before. …

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