Aug 23

20 Years After the Ruby Ridge Incident

The passing of this 21st of August, without my remembering the brutality unleashed by the U.S. Federal Government against the Weaver Family, was the first time in 20 years that I did not bow my head to reflect on how far America has fallen away from the rule of law.

Follow this link to read the heartfelt words of Gerry Spence as he addressed concerns of why he chose to represent and defend Weaver and Harris.

Like Mr. Spence, I had no interest in the politics of Weaver and his family, but I understand fully the implications of what federal law enforcers did and that the lack of accountability in the aftermath of this overt government lawlessness was a harbinger of bad things to come.

I have but one question. In the twenty years since the the Ruby Ridge and Waco incidents, has the government, specifically members of law enforcement, made any effort to improve officer training with respect to understanding and obeying the constitution? Look around and I suspect you will conclude that it has not.

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