January 2013 archive

Jan 19

Gun Safety

It is incumbent upon gun owners to be ever vigilant to the importance of safe firearms handling. In the current state of national hysteria, this is especially true. Gun owners need to avoid giving the anti-gun crowd any fodder for their arguments to further limit our right to keep and bear arms. It is therefore …

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Jan 17

Introducing a cultural immersion – home stay.

It was brought to my attention that students of English as a second language are often interested in expanding their understanding of American culture. Many ESL students live in densely populated cities where outdoor activities are limited or they must travel a far distance to enjoy the natural world. Experiencing delicious fresh food from a …

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Jan 12

Grateful Dead

Once upon a time there was a band named the Grateful Dead. They were unique in so many ways. From 1965 to 1995, (the year that Jerry Garcia died) the band performed more than 36,000 songs during approximately 2,300 concerts in 298 cities! I can not think of any other musical troupe that performed …

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Jan 11

Bob Dylan

For over 5 decades Americans and the world have listened to the poetry and music of Bob Dylan. His appeal has transcended generational limits. His artistic abilities of word-craft and his prolific contributions to the body of popular American music far exceed the standard of of his peers. In my view, he is the quintessential …

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Jan 07

Day Hikes in NEPA

Another activity to plan during the winter months is hiking in the many forest and parks of Pennsylvania. Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA) offers some good hiking opportunities. Here is a picture of my old hiking buddy, Homer on his Odyssey. These first four hikes are in sequence along a section of the Appalachian Trail. Much of …

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Jan 05

Winter is time for planning the coming year’s garden.

Planning for the upcoming gardening season begins in the cold winter months. Seed catalogs arrive in the mail and consideration of how much space is available for planting must be accounted for. A preview of The Old Farmer’s Almanac is a helpful guide for estimating what weather patterns may prevail throughout the coming year. …

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Jan 01

Philippines 2010

This article was modified from a review I wrote of my 2010 trip to the Philippines. That review was written in email format and sent to family and friends. I edited some things and added hyper-links for further explanation and deeper exploration of the subject. This trip to the Philippines was very interesting and served …

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