April 2013 archive

Apr 30

Emerson and Thoreau

Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau the former was born in the month of May, the latter died in the fifth month. They were two great American intellectuals of the 19th Century. Intellectual is defined here. Both were authors, historians, poets, philosophers and Thoreau, dear to my heart, was a tax protester. Emerson was …

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Apr 22

Cameras — old and new.

As a teenager I had a hobby interest in photography. My Dad bought me a nice Minolta SLR and over time I added some extra lenses. After a little reading on the fundamentals I dabbled with different subjects. I did a bit of sports photography. Among my best sports shots was one of an amateur …

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Apr 19

Asparagus — SPRING 2013

As I mentioned in this article, I will be dedicating a section of the garden to two types of asparagus. Below is a picture of the asparagus crowns that arrived today. To prepare the bed at the end of last year’s gardening season, I tilled the plot deeply and added a substantial amount of …

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Apr 16

More Colors of Spring

As noted in this article, the little crocus is the first flower to show in springtime. Sometimes, it will push through the snow. They offer no scent but their color is a welcome sight after months of the bland gray and white winter tones. The crocus have now faded but there are other signs of …

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Apr 11

Grafting the apple tree– part 2

As a follow- up to this article, today, I completed my grafting process. The picture above shows the taped graft of a McIntosh apple to the existing tree branch. In the heart of the winter season (mid-February) deep in the tree’s dormancy period, I carefully pruned away the crowded branches and shaped the tree to …

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