June 2013 archive

Jun 24

An early summer day.

This morning, while taking my usual stroll around the yard, I noticed a deer across the field. Quietly I walked to the back area with camera at the ready. The doe was probably about 2 or 3 years of age, quite healthy and she had not noticed me yet. Later in the afternoon I went …

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Jun 20

A rare and different tune…

While working in the garden on this final day of spring, as the lunar phase waxes toward a Full Strawberry Moon, I heard the song of the cicada. It is a strange sound to be sure for we do not experience it every year. Here is another link with more recorded sounds of the cicada. …

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Jun 19

Barbeque – a summertime favorite.

The warm weather has arrived in the Northern climates and that means many people are doing more cooking outdoors. The process of cooking outside on wood fire, charcoal (or briquettes) or on a propane grill is usually referred to as barbequing — also seen written as Bar-B-Que or BBQ. Down under in Australia they call …

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Jun 01

Gardening in small spaces.

I am fortunate to have a space of about 1,000 square feet (this is equal to about 93 square meters) dedicated as my main garden plot for vegetables. In addition to that plot, I have an established apple tree and several spaces filled with seasonal displays of flowers. I also have various plants in pots …

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