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Jan 30

Dreams, Mythology & Symbols.

  Mythological figures were an ongoing theme in many post from last year. I shared a number of photographs of sculpture. Characters from ancient mythology are often the subject of music, paintings, sculpture and other forms of art. In this article, I want to share some material to provide a little deeper understanding of …

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Jan 29

Liberty Library

As a matter of personal interest, I have studied, political science, law, economics (sometimes called the dismal science) and history. Over the years I have gathered together a number of books related to these topics and built a small library of what I call liberty titles, or, my Liberty Library. Here is a short list …

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Jan 28

Birds of Prey

Eagles, Falcons, Hawks, Kestrels, Ospreys, Owls and Vultures are all considered birds of prey. In Pennsylvania we have many varieties of raptor, from the large turkey vulture with its dark wing span of up to 70 inches (177 cm) and its ugly red head and neck, to the American Bald Eagles that scavenge the big …

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Jan 27

A Winter’s Evening Sky

This evening the sky cleared enough to see a lovely sunset. The bitter cold remains. Shakespeare had some interesting words about winter wind. From As You Like It, Act 2, Scene 7; (Blow, blow, thou winter wind) by Willaim Shakespeare. Lord Amiens, a musician, sings before Duke Senior’s company Blow, blow, thou winter wind, Thou …

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Jan 26


  It is still very cold here. So, I thought I would share some links on surviving extreme cold temperatures. Also, check this very thorough link. Extreme cold temperatures are hard on the human body, hard on animals/livestock and hard on machinery. Layers of protective clothes, lotions and oils for lips and exposed skin are …

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Jan 23

In the depth of winter….

* “In the depth of winter I at last discovered that there was in me an invincible summer.” ALBERT CAMUS Some other profound quotes from Camus.  

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Jan 21


Puccini’s classic opera, Madame Butterfly was the first live opera performance I ever attended. (A point of interest for those inclined to listen to a radio broadcast of Madame Butterfly, The Metropolitan Opera will play it on February 1st.) Follow this link to the MET opera live on the radio. Prior to seeing opera live, …

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Jan 19

Pasta with Duck Confit and Ham

Today, the weather was very cold again, so I decided to stay inside and write on the blog. I will make today a triple-header of short articles. As the end of January draws near, I find there is an abundance of left over meat from the holiday. There is one leg remaining from the duck …

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Jan 19

Edgar Allen Poe

Today is also the date of another notable American’s birth. It was 205 years ago that Edgar Allen Poe was born. Poe is most well known for short stories and poetry with an element of eerie mystery. From the frenzied suspense depicted in, The Tell Tale Heart, to the haunting words of The Raven (nevermore) …

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Jan 19

Lysander Spooner

  Born on January 19th, 1808, Lysander Spooner, is recognized as one of the first Americans to embrace the concept of individual sovereignty. Spooner, is also known for his ideas on Natural Law, sometimes called the “Science of Justice”. He was a contemporary of Thoreau and other intellectuals of the 19th Century who had …

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