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Apr 06

New foal, filly and colt.

*** SOME EQUESTRIAN TERMINOLOGY Gelding – a castrated male horse Stud – a mature and fully intact male horse Mare – a mature (over 4 years old) female Foal – a newborn horse Colt – a young (under 4 years and not castrated) male (a variation on this is, “catch colt” — a colt born …

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Apr 04


RAIN There are plenty of songs that incorporate rain in their theme. From Blues Eyes Crying in the Rain, written by Fred Rose and originally sung by Roy Acuff, later re-popularized by Willie Nelson listen to this version, to the popular musical from the 1940’s Singin’ In the Rain, by Gene Kelly, rain is sung …

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Apr 02

When the child was a child….

Song of Childhood, a poem by Peter Handke and adapted for a spoken word (there is some music in the background — harp and drum, if I recall correctly) recording by singer/songwriter, Van Morrison . Invoking his Irish brogue, Morrison adds a distinctive flavor to this sweet and charming reminiscence. The song can be heard …

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Apr 01

My friend Homer.

Since I was a boy, I’ve had dogs in my home. As a child it was common to find stray dogs or for neighbors to have a litter of pups that they gave away. Most of these dogs were mutts and I knew little about training as a youngster. Later in life, I took an …

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