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Jul 29

Diana — goddess of hunting and wild animals.

The poem, Diana of the Hunt, was written by a somewhat obscure American poet named, Forceythe Willson. Diana of the Hunt By Forceythe Willson All can see, in the shining places, Vestiges of her classic graces; Where her footsteps, fleet and stark, Have beautifully embossed the dark. We know indeed, that the stately and golden …

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Jul 17

Three Sunsets

Three Sunsets by Kevin Neary I snapped the picture as the sun set between the buildings on West 111th Street. The light and shadow were stunning. * The next day I sat for an aeon staring at a sunset on canvas. Expansive, glowing, red-orange through that massive cloud. * That hot and humid evening in …

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Jul 12

Buckminster Fuller — Futurist.

“Thinking is a momentary dismissal of irrelevancies.” * The quote above is from the 1969 book titled, Utopia or Oblivion: The Prospects of Humanity, a book that by early 21st Century standards would likely be rather dull. However there are some little gems of wisdom within. I suspect, even forward thinking members of society, like …

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Jul 06

Whole Hog

At my commencement ceremonies from the Culinary Institute of America, in 1980, I had the pleasure of listening to Jaques Pepin address our graduating class. His theme was “cooking with love”. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of enjoying a whole hog roast as I watched two people “cooking with love”. Kim and Rich Green, owners …

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Jul 01


*** On the small farm hogs are an easy animal to raise as a source of meat. A family of four that grows much of their own food can feed the scraps from kitchen and garden waste to a pair of hogs and within months have a return on that investment that will stock the …

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