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Oct 31


I’ve posted about it before. To me it is a big nuisance and makes for a few confusing days of scheduling before I fully adjust. It really doesn’t effect most of my students, but I always post an advisory in case I miscalculate the time of someone’s lesson. Tonight we change our clocks back one …

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Oct 19

Irwin Schiff – American Hero

With great sadness today I read the news of Irwin Schiff‘s passing. He was a man for whom I had tremendous admiration and respect. A fighter for truth until his very last days. Comment from Forbes Magazine. What is missing from this critical comment is a fact based rebuttal. While Mr. Reilly asserts that he …

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Oct 18

Picasso Sculpture at MoMA

In previous posts here and here, I have asserted my mixed feelings about Modern Art. There are some works that I thoroughly enjoy and many others from the genre that I consider to be less than worthless…in a word – rubbish. I’ve never cared for most of Picasso’s work. For me Cubism is just eh. …

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Oct 16

The High Line, NYC

Throughout New York city there is an ongoing and wide scale land use (should read – land re-use) beautification project. The goal is to develop neglected and blighted properties into green-space and parks. The High Line in Manhattan is one such project and the final section was completed last year. The park runs along …

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