January 2016 archive

Jan 30

About the Chinese Spring Festival

The annual Spring Festival, is called the Chinese New Year by most Westerners, and is based upon the lunar calendar arriving usually in early February. 2016 will usher in the year of the Red Monkey. Domestic travel is challenging during this holiday—- many Chinese will return to their home town for a visit with family. …

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Jan 15

The Bathroom Remodel Episode.

In my year end review for 2015 I mentioned that the biggest project of the year and biggest headache was all part of what I now refer to as the Bathroom Remodel Episode. It all started with the idea of getting a new washer and dryer. That idea then grew into adding a shower to …

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Jan 04

Cycle training

As the cold weather finally arrived after the new year, I decided to buy an inexpensive “trainer”. My initial idea was to hook up my old bike to the indoor trainer and leave my new bike road ready in the event the weather warmed up in the coming weeks. It is recommended that you install …

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