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Jan 21

So Many Roads

In the comments section of the previous post I used a partial lyric from Robert Hunter as a reply to my old friend. The following are the song lyrics in their entirety. So Many Roads lyrics written by Robert Hunter, music by Jerry Garcia Thought I heard a blackird singing Up on Bluebird Hill Call …

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Aug 06

“The tour from hell” turned into a dead end.

As tribute to the late Jerry Garcia, I have established August as a month to celebrate his musical achievements here on the blog. This article explains some of the details associated with the final months of his life and, on a more positive note, shares a link to one of the more fun Grateful Dead …

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Aug 01

In another time’s forgotten space…

In previous posts I have shared my enthusiasm for music of the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia in particular. Last year, on the 20th anniversary of Garcia’s death, I declared the month of August to be Jerry Garcia month here at English-speak-English.com Continuing the theme this year I offer a selection of my favorite Garcia …

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Jun 11

“…If I knew the way I would take you home.”

One of my favorite songs from the Grateful Dead repertoire was first released in 1970 on the album titled, American Beauty. It became a signature tune especially as part of the second set and most often as an encore. The song lyrics were written by that (not so) silent member of the group, Robert …

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Aug 01

August is Jerry Garcia Month.

August 9, 2015. It has 20 years since Jerry passed and the background music to my life hasn’t been the same since. Jerry Garcia, (August 1, 1942 – August 9, 1995) His candle burned brightly and his candle burned out much too soon. Sometimes, sadly, early death is the counter-weight to immense talent. In a …

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Nov 29

Old and in the Way.

*** Old And In The Way by David Grisman * Chorus Old and in the way That’s what I heard him say They used to heed the words he said But that was yesterday Coal will turn to gray And youth will fade away They’ll never care about you Cause you’re old and in the …

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Aug 24


Jerry Garcia, best known for his role as founding member, lead guitar and vocals for the Grateful Dead, was born and died in the month of August. As we close this month out, I wish to dedicate the month of August to the memory of Garcia. Next year, 2015 will be 20 years since his …

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Mar 16

Does God look down on the boys in the barroom?

* Once again, the St. Patrick’s Day holiday is upon us. This year, I will share a few bits of Irish wisdom and charm. Perhaps it is good to begin with a prayer. The following is a common blessing that is frequently offered to friends or family as they depart on a long journey. An …

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Jan 12

Grateful Dead

Once upon a time there was a band named the Grateful Dead. They were unique in so many ways. From 1965 to 1995, (the year that Jerry Garcia died) the band performed more than 36,000 songs during approximately 2,300 concerts in 298 cities! I can not think of any other musical troupe that performed …

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