Oct 05

A Day in Manhattan

In early October, I had a chance to go into the city for a bit of shopping. Some window shopping along 5th Ave. and some wine shopping at Astor Wines, in Greenwich Village. On this visit I also connected with long time student, Momo. She is in her final year at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn. Sadly, she missed lunch but it was good to visit with her for a short while and pass along some photos I wanted to share.

Happy to see my friend Momo again.

Though I have perused the online offerings from Astor Wines this was my first visit to the retail outlet. They have a wide selection of imports and domestic wines many of which are not readily found elsewhere. A good array of Port and other dessert wines (I purchased two Sauternes), though I didn’t see any bargains. Most of the Port were way beyond my price range. Very nice section of Rhone wines including the difficult to find Gigondas (southern Rhone region) of which I purchased 4 bottles from the 2015 vintage. I also grabbed a couple of very nice Chardonnay from Sonoma. These can pair nicely with seafood or chicken dishes in the coming year or so.

Bottle on the left is 4 years old and on the right 14 years.



Note the bottle on the left is vintage 2013. On the right is also a Sauternes but the vintage is 10 years older from 2003. I came across the older bottle when I was putting the newer bottle away for long term storage. The pictures shows the tremendous contrast in color. At 14 years that wine is certainly drinkable, but I want to hold it at least another year…..maybe next Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday after a big feast. Whenever I decide to open this delightful dessert wine, there is no doubt in my mind that it will be seductively sweet and complex!



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  1. The wine in the picture really changed a lot after 14 years. It’s fun to observe those changes in the smell, the color, the flavor and exciting to taste complexity of the wine. But only the people with patience and knowledge of how to store the wine can enjoy.

    1. Yes, the contrast in the color of the wine is quite striking! I had to take a picture to show the difference as soon as I saw the two bottles side by side.
      You are right about the fun of observing the changes a wine undergoes over time. The hobby began out of my related interest and experience in the culinary world. Have several decades of tasting notes to refer to is also part of the fun. I really enjoyed this series about wines. It brought back some nice memories.

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