Teacher Kevin is a certified teacher of English as a second language (TEFL/TESL) and certified as a business English teacher (TBE) specializing in Business English instruction to students worldwide. He is a native English speaker, born and raised in the United States and currently lives within commuting distance of New York City and Philadelphia.

portrait sketch

His interests are eclectic, arising from a working career spanning 40 years in the hotel & restaurant industry, customer service, firearms instruction and range safety. Additionally, he has experience operating a sole proprietorship service business. His pastimes include voracious reading, organic gardening, travel, photography and cooking.

This blog is intended to share these varied interests as a starting point to create a foundation for learning and improving your English language skills.

Lesson plans can be customized to suit the needs of each individual student. Whether you desire lessons to prepare for an upcoming examination (TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, etc.) or if you wish to improve your spoken/oral English skills or you may be interested in social English for travel, increased conversational fluency, expanding your vocabulary and improving your pronunciation, lesson plans can be developed to fit your desired goals. Using exercises to improve telephone communications, lesson material for conflict resolution or management and leadership skills as well as explanation of idiomatic phrases are all available as source material to meet your needs.

The lessons are designed to be fun and interesting for every student and to be complimentary to each student’s relevant interests.


Take a look at some of the material here at English-Speak-English.com

I offer this short list of articles as an example of some of the source material we may use for lessons.

On building good study habits

For information about continuing education (and a lot of the resources are free).

Other English language learning resources found here.

To learn about cultural differences and how to avoid cross culture misunderstandings go to this article.

Learn about the game of Scrabble and improve your vocabulary.

A resource for free books online.

Also a peek at my Liberty Library and many of those titles are available online for free.


If you have any questions feel free to contact Teacher Kevin.

Skype; onlinetutorkevin

email; kneary@rocketmail.com


A special message for Chinese students in Mandarin:




不管你是少儿还是老人,我愿意帮助更多的人通过英语这一个交流工具,认识世界,认识多方文化. 当然,我的特长是教授商务英语及备考托福和雅思的学生们。



Hello to all of you!

My name is Kevin and I live in the New York Metro area. For the past 3 years, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and teaching students from Beijing , Shanghai , Shenzhen and many other cities in China . I’ve also had students from Brazil , France , Germany , Japan and Russia .

I have worked diligently to expand each student’s vocabulary (especially in the realm of Business English), improve their pronunciation, and increase general fluency.

Together we can work to improve each student’s understanding of American idiomatic phrases and Western culture.

If you are a high school or college student, I can work to prepare you for an upcoming IELTS or TOFLE test.

Evening and morning times are available for lessons. My students range in age between 6 and 60.

You are never too old to learn and I look forward to the opportunity to teach you. Please send a message if you are interested in lessons.



About your first lesson.
On the first lesson with each new student, I will ask a series of short questions to learn more about your education experience, career and personal interests.
This information will help me to create customized lesson plans for you. Lesson plans that will meet your interests and objectives.
I will also provide a brief intro-tour to my blog and share some basic information about study habits and how to get the most out of your lessons.
We will cover a lot of material in the first lesson so be ready with your pencil and paper, dictionary and an open mind!
I hope to see you in class.


Finally, for students who may be interested in traveling to the U.S. and wish to visit me at my place, I am now offering a Cultural Immersion – Home Stay program. You can read about it here. To read about students who have come to visit, go here, and here, and here, and here

If you are interested in visiting and learning more about American life, please contact me and I will provide more details about the costs, and available dates. I would enjoy hosting you for a short visit to my place.

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  1. I had the pleasure and bounty of tutoring Kevin through his TESL training and was impressed by his:

    • eagerness to learn
    • creative approach to teaching
    • respect for those with differing opinions
    • ability to provide a quality class
    • unique class material and insights
    • curiosity for people of other cultures

    And his willingness to:

    • build his students up
    • expand his teaching practices
    • integrate what he learned
    • make learning fun
    • go the extra mile
    • address “real” problems among his students
    • establish cross-cultural friendships

    Kevin made my list of “best practices” on several of his assignments. He has a genuine love for helping students improve their skills and watching as they grow in their careers. It’s obvious he really loves his job and I recommend him highly as an ESL teacher.

    • Shi Hongmei on January 4, 2013 at 4:30 pm
    • Reply

    Kevin is a kind person and very professional teacher. First, as far as his teaching competence is concerned, he is serious and diligent. His listening skills are so attentive that whenever you pronounce incorrectly, he can always correct you swiftly and patiently. His vocabulary is great, especially with regard to business English. He can explain the meaning of words that are unfamiliar to non-native speakers. I have been instructed by him for seven months, and now I feel my improvement is so great that I can communicate in English fluently with foreigners and watch English programs on TV. Secondly, with regard to his teaching service, it is very customized—he can always adjust himself to what you need to learn without any complaint. For example, when I was preparing for the CFA(charter finance analysis) exam, I asked him to teach me the Ethical and Professional Standards using the course material that I supplied. He agreed with me without any hesitation. Afterward, he taught me patiently—read word by word clearly for me, corrected me when I read and interpreted the material when I did not understand the meaning. The material is so difficult and boring that I almost gave up, but with his company and encouragement, I finished it at last. Additionally, I am impressed with his integrity. I am very lucky I was able to meet such a good person. I think he is definitely an excellent mentor. Whenever there were some computer and net-work connection problems, he always apologized to me when, in fact, it was not his error. Finally, he understands his student concerns about their English studies. As soon as he finishes each class, he always writes on Skype and gives me some suggestion and encouragement. I feel very relaxed when I study English with him. Given his professional approach, I was comfortable recommending that my daughter study with him. My daughter has the same feeling as I and told me that she felt Kevin made English easy to learn!
    These are my real feelings and my experience when I studied English with Teacher Kevin. I just want to share my luck with you. That’s all.
    Thank you Kevin.

    • Li on February 16, 2013 at 7:14 am
    • Reply

    Kevin is a very very great teacher. He is professional and reliable.
    My friends and I like him very much. Teacher Kevin is passionate and loves his subject. He will always have successful students.

    • Angela on March 19, 2013 at 10:24 am
    • Reply

    I am a study consultant of an online English training school Kukuspeak. I must say that it is a great experience for me to work with this excellent teacher. I collect feedback information from your students and I must say that you are a great teacher–many of our students choose Kukuspeak because they want to study with you (according to my working experience). You are very patient and responsible to our students. We are very thankful for that. 🙂

    • Emy on April 3, 2013 at 3:53 am
    • Reply

    I enjoy reading about Kevin’s interests and activities. His garden and hobbies are attractive. Through his blog, we can gain some insights into his life in the U.S. and we may also harvest a sense of achievement! I have gained a friendship with him as I work to direct students to his teaching program.
    When students ask me, who is a good teacher I always say, Teacher Kevin!
    Emy – Course Consultant at Kukuspeak.

    • Kelly on April 25, 2013 at 4:53 am
    • Reply

    Kevin shared such beautiful pictures and good articles. Your class is really helpful and great! I have learned how to remember the new words and get some good materials to improve my English. The pictures he shows me are so beautiful and so attractive! I am really looking forward to go there and enjoy it. You are so patient and I love your class and blog!

    • Elle on September 15, 2014 at 12:07 am
    • Reply

    I’ve known Kevin since June 2013. Totally, I’ve taken 50 lessons from him. During the period I prepared TOEFL text and interviews for graduate school application in US. I have to say Kevin’s lessons are very helpful to improve your Spoken English and for your understanding of American Culture. Different from teachers in most Chinese English training agencies who only focus the text itself, Kevin customizes his lessons to suit the needs of each individual student by applying various materials in different period. For example, when I was preparing for TOEFL, we used the websites like “Conversation Questions for the ESL/EFL Classroom”, “About”, “English Reading Room” etc. to increase my conversational fluency and expand my vocabulary; meanwhile, by reading his own articles in this blog aloud to improve my pronunciation. Within Kevin’s help, I began to relax when I spoke English and became more confident, and of course, I had better scores in the text. I am so grateful to him.

    Kevin also helped me polish my Personal Statement, CV, and interview preparations for my grad school application. Every time when I felt nervous, upset or depressed, he encouraged me as a good friend and even like a family member. I still continued lessons after I received the offer from the grad school in America. Since there was no pressure from texts any more, the reading resources Kevin searched for me were just more eclectic and interesting, which designed to train me to develop myself in the environment of Western culture, like “Six Minutes Speaking and Presentation Skills”, “International Students Guide”, “Wait But Why”, etc. To some extent, it’s Kevin with whom I experienced the interest of the second language learning.

    Besides being my online English teacher, Kevin is my first American friend, a very good friend! He is kind, diligent, responsible, interesting and humorous. He treats every student sincerely and friendly. In addition to teaching English online, he takes care of his mother. In this blog, I am sure everyone will be deeply attracted by his beautiful garden, delicious food, gorgeous pictures he took from NY, etc. But for me, the most important thing that I learned from Kevin is his POSITIVE ATTITUDE towards life. I knew he suffered difficult situations in the past, but he never stops his efforts for a better future. He works hard, he reads and thinks a lot, he continues self-learning all the time. In this blog, from more and more articles written by Kevin, I can feel his ideas about life—Do not wait for success and happiness to happen to you. You need to walk towards them. Success is earned!

    Best wishes to Kevin and all his family and friends!

  2. Hi Kevin. Love your website! Thank you for sharing it with me.
    Your favorite chiropractor, Larry Kahn.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Dr. Kahn.
      I take it as a high compliment when a native speaker praises my site.
      Writing my own blog is a fun way to share some of my life experiences with students in a format that can be used as a teaching tool. My current group of students enjoy it too and I have been successful in getting them to engage in commenting, which is another way to help students improve their language skills.

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