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Accessories for Wine Lovers.

It is important to know how to open a bottle of wine properly and to have the correct tools to do the job effectively. We start with the standard corkscrew – it should have at least 5 rotations in the length of the “screw”. The reason for this is there are a number of wines that have longer corks due to the fact that these wines are known to be stored for decades. Bordeaux, Amarone and some Rioja Reserva are among the usual long cork wines.

Decanter at top, on the left is the Vacu-Vin, center is the two-pronged cork remover and at right is a standard corkscrew.

Additionally, a two pronged cork remover is helpful in the event you discover a bottle with a cork that has become brittle. You may find that uncorking an older bottle with the two-prong device works best. These little tools can also save the day when a cork breaks in half. In the event of a broken cork, simply slip the prongs along the side of the cork and gently wiggle the prongs down alongside the broken remnant. Then, slowly and very carefully withdraw the cork from the neck of the bottle.

We have talked about decanting and a proper decanter is essential if you get into keeping bottles of wine for a decade or more.

I also shared info in this post about Vacu-Vin, for keeping air out of the bottle after opening.

For Christmas I received a very cool gift to carry three bottles of wine securely. In a couple of weeks I plan to have a nice dinner with two old friends and I offered to bring a few bottles from the cellar. I was struggling to figure how I was going to carry 3 bottles in a shoulder pack without breaking a bottle or shaking the wine too vigorously before we open them. Lo and behold I looked under the tree on Christmas morn and my dilemma was solved!


The item is available from wine

This is a terrific little unit that shuts tight with the aid of velcro. The fabric is polyurethane and makes it somewhat insulating, but more importantly it snugs each bottle into its own compartment, protecting it from clanking and possibly breaking in transit. This is a great way to carry wine when traveling.

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    • May on January 13, 2018 at 1:27 am
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    Early this week, i opened a bottle of wine which i bought from Germany for 5-6 dollars. Maybe I’m not professional enough(my first time to open wine bottle) and the cork were broken half. Good thing is that no chippings got into bottle. It’s a good chance to learn wine basics from your blog for wine lovers.

    1. Sorry to learn of your broken cork problem, but I’m pleased to know you didn’t have bits of cork in the glass!

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