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a pair of acorns

a pair of acorns


From the little acorn grows the mighty oak.


Acorns are the seed fruit of the oak tree. Here in the Eastern U.S. we have an abundance of acorns that come falling down with the leaves in autumn. As children we used to gather large bags of them for weeks and then have a “war” by choosing teams and throwing them at the opponents. It is all fun and games until someone gets hit in the eye!








Acorns as a food source? Squirrels are not the only critters who store them as a food source to carry through the winter months. It is my understanding that acorns can be found in food markets throughout Asia and Africa. During the hard economic conditions of the Great Depression acorns were dried and ground to a powder and added as an extender for wheat flour in bread. Here is a link to learn about collecting, processing and eating acorns.






showing the inside fruit or "meat" of the acorn nut.

showing the inside fruit or “meat” of the acorn nut.


High in nutrient value, acorns can be used as fodder for pigs and chickens and can also be an important part of a permaculture program.

Scientific America offers this article about how the lowly acorn is regaining popularity as a food source for humans.

Here is a link to learn to use acorns as a substitute for peanut butter or made into bread.

Acorns can be used to make a coffee substitute, or pickled or added to mashed potatoes and more.

This link share info about different varieties of acorns and their preferred culinary uses.

….and here is some information about how to identify what type of oak tree an acorn came from.

For those readers who would rather plant trees than eat acorns these two links here and here will tell you all about collecting and storing acorns for planting and growing trees. It’s okay. I am a tree-hugger too.

Also, go read more about other edible wild foods.

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