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While I generally don’t enjoy hot weather, summer is a great time of year to do needed repairs to home and garden. Summer is the time of year when all of the work I put into my vegetable garden repays me with a bounty of fresh foods for the table or into the freezer for later use. It is also a time of year when we should all take a moment and breathe deeply. For when we consciously breathe and take time to appreciate all that we have, we notice the beauty of our world.

Another year is turning by and as we approach another Summer Solstice we should take the opportunity to enjoy some of the slowest sunsets of the year. You can read more about that phenomenon here.

Something else worthy of notice are the infinite number of stars in the heavens above. If you follow this link you can learn how to identify what is called the Summer Triangle – comprised of Altair, Deneb and Vega. For a start you will need a clear evening. Just after sunset you need to look to the east to find this constellation.


On this spinning ball of blue we go round and round. There are a finite number of summers we may enjoy. Use the time wisely, because before you know it, your life here will be done.

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    • Steven on June 27, 2017 at 8:41 am
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    In fact, I always like SUMMER very much.
    It’s hot, but we can enjoy fresh vegetables, fruits, ice cream and relatively fresh air in China. haha…
    Besides, we can do many more things after work. i.e. play outside with my child, drink beers with some good friends, etc.
    And most important, your article reminds me that it’s important to learn to use the time wisely and remember “DO NOT WASTE OUR LIVES IN ANY PLACE and ANY TIME”.

    1. As I mentioned in this post, the heat of summer is not enjoyable for me, but there are many positive aspects as you mentioned.

      In recent months I received news of several friends dying and that idea of using our time wisely has been reinforced.

    • June on July 2, 2017 at 8:04 am
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    I am very happy to hear you have gained lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. That’s the best thing hear in this season.congratulations! Counting stars is a great memory of my childhood. But now, I never do it. All that is the good impression in my mind for summer. But to tell the truth, I don’t like summer now. Hot weather with no wind, few trees make Jinan look like a big furnace. If you put a piece of raw beef on the ground, it will be roasted well in a few minutes. It sounds so terrible, but it is true. haha!

    1. June, thanks for your comment. I found the first one you sent so I used it instead of the second version.
      I agree that summer is not my favorite time of year either. Fortunately, where I live, we experience a full four seasons, so the awful heat only lasts for a few weeks and then suddenly, the weather changes with cooler nights, milder days and more moisture before we move into autumn. As we mentioned in our conversation during today’s lesson, autumn is the best. Days are comfortable, nights are crisp and cool and the beautiful colors of leaves changing is the bonus!

      I have seen people cook an egg on the asphalt in summer, but never a piece of meat! Wow! Stay cool.

    • Judy Zhao on July 6, 2017 at 8:04 am
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    Summer is the most favorite season for children, because the longest vacation of the year is in summer, haha! When I was young, in summer, I always liked to play in the field with my little friends and my little dog. The sun shines in the blue sky, the butterflies dance with the flowers and the cicadas sing on the trees. I liked to catch the butterflies and cicadas with my little friends, we were running, jumping, laughing and played all kinds of games. We were all wet with sweat but never felt too hot. I have only happy memories of my childhood. In summer it is sunny in the east while it rains in the west. It is interesting and it is described as a sentence of an ancient Chinese poem——”东边日出西边雨,道是无晴却有晴”. Anyway every day is a gift. We need to treasure every day in every season in every year. Thanks for sharing dear Kevin. I hope you have a good time in summer!

    1. What a lovely comment, Judy! Thanks for sharing your fond memories of childhood.

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