Apr 06

An Egg Coddler

Recently, I purchased a new kitchen item that I have long sought after – an egg coddler. Many people have never heard of it.

It seems they are not easy to find in stores outside of England and the Euro-zone. Coddling is a unique method of cooking eggs, not fried, neither poached, basted or boiled. Though, a coddled egg is sort of like a cross between basted and poached, but not exactly. An egg coddler is made of ceramic, porcelain or glass. It is a dish with secure lid that is used to hold the egg (often combined with other ingredients) while the container is placed into boiling water to cook. It is a way to cook the egg soft – meaning the yolk is slightly runny but the white is fully cooked – about 7 minutes. Regular readers may remember a previous post with plenty of information to learn all about egg cookery. And this earlier post to learn how to raise chickens and ducks for eggs and meat.

This size of egg coddler was supposed to be sufficient for two eggs, but I found that it was not large enough to handle extra ingredients.



The cup is coated with a thin layer of butter to prevent the egg from sticking. Additional ingredients are layered in with the eggs with seasoning; S&P and Mrs. Dash herb seasoning. Cover with the lid and set the spring handle on top to secure the lid in place.















Place the coddler into a sauce pot of boiling water and let cook for about 8 to 10 minutes depending on your preference – soft yolk or hard.


When the egg is sufficiently cooked, remove the coddler from the boiling water. Be sure to not let the hot egg coddler come into contact with anything cold, as it may crack. It is also a good idea to place the coddler on a towel to prevent it from sliding while eating the eggs. Serve with toast and enjoy!

…and of course, while we are on the subject of eggs and chickens, the age old philosophical question – Which came first the chicken or the egg? – may cross your mind.

This may be cause for some degree of consternation, but fear not! There are serious minds who continue to ponder the question and some of these great thinkers may have even arrived at a definitive answer. Heck! There is even a TED Talk on the matter!

Now, where was I?

Sometimes I get distracted with all of these deep and perplexing thoughts.


…Oh, yes, back to the coddled eggs. Here are some instructions on how to coddle an egg or two and suggestions for delicious additions to the simple coddled egg.


While we are talking about eggs there is always time for consideration of chickens. So go to this page and read about many of the ways I like to cook chicken.



In closing, this may be a perfect opportunity to present a worthy chicken riddle;

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Multiple choice answer;
A) To get to the other side.

B) Because there were some hot chicks hanging out over there.

C) To get away from the man with the cleaver.

D) Because he felt like it.

E) All of the above!

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