Mar 22

Beethoven for Spring

A beautiful spring day with temperatures in the low 50’s but a breeze that kept things from feeling warm. Plenty of sunshine! A wonderful day for something from our old friend, Ludwig von Beethoven.

Beethoven’s Violin Sonata number 5. op24. “Spring”,(a 28 minute piece) performed here by Anne Sophie Mutter and accompanied by Lambert Orkis on piano. In China you may listen to this 8 minute excerpt.


Another sign of spring is cows and horses begin to drop new born calves and foal. At the barn there are two mares that gave birth this past week. One had a filly and the other a colt.

Here are a few of pics from this morning;

This filly is only about 2 days old.

This filly is only about 2 days old.

Notice how small and frail she looks compared to her momma.

Notice how small and frail she looks compared to her momma.


She gave her momma quite a run this morning.




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    • June on March 24, 2014 at 7:10 pm
    • Reply

    Pic 1: Filly: Hello everyone, nice to meet you. I am a filly, I am 2 days old. I am light, Kevin even can pick me up. But I will grow up quickly. I am strong, I can run. See!!
    Pic 2: Horse Mum: Hey girl. Start you life journey, Go! You will enjoy the speed and have a clean mind when your hair was pulled by the wind you made.
    Pic 3: Filly: Mum, I like the feeling of running. But I am a bit scared. What will be in the next?
    Horse Mum: Girl, don’t be afraid, I will accompany you till you be fully strong. Hope and enthusiasm will take you further.

    Great Mum’s love.

    1. Nice comment, June! Thank you.
      Did you show the pictures and read your comment to your daughter?
      I will post pictures of her little cousin, the colt, when things have settled down. He is very beautiful!

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