Sep 13

Bill Monroe, Father of American Bluegrass

Among the annuls of American musicology, there is a name that stands tall in the world of Bluegrass music; Bill Monroe, considered by many to be the Father of American Bluegrass. Bill left us a few years back and we sure do miss him! He continued to perform live until near the time of his passinng. For this article I put together a series of YouTube videos. When I wrote a rough draft several months ago, I inserted a number of good links to YouTube. When I returned to edit this piece at a later date, I found, much to my consternation, the videos had been pulled. So, you can follow this link and listen to Ole’ Bill on his very own website. There, you can also read all about Bill’s life and the people who influenced his music, like Uncle Pen.

Here are 3 of my all-time favorite Bill Monroe songs; #1-His trademark, Blue Moon of Kentucky. Number 2- called Southern Flavor. And third, this classic, The Wayfaring Stranger, said to be Bill’s very favorite tune.

Monroe played with a list of names in the world of country music that are too numerous to mention.

Follow the link for online FM radio and listen to this Bluegrass music programming. This article will give some information about the history of Blue grass music. If you ever travel to the state of Kentucky, known as the “Bluegrass State”, you might like to visit the International Bluegrass Music Museum.

One of the things that I find most attractive about Bluegrass music is its purity of sound. It can be up-tempo jigs and reels or the more doleful ballad but it is pure in its sound and Bill Monroe epitomized that purity with his sweet old country twang and delicate mandolin. Bluegrass music is a rich element of American culture. For those of you who enjoy music I am sure you will not regret hearing the sound of Bill Monroe and other American Bluegrass artists.


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