Jan 06

Bitter cold start to the new year.


This first week of the new year has been quite cold. We’ve had sub-freezing temperatures for more than a week and a bit of snow.

The snow was mostly blown into drifts, as the winds were intense for several days in a row. Wind combined with very cold temperatures pose serious risk to humans engaged in outdoor activity.

Wind chill factors really drove the temperature down to the point of being dangerous to stay outside for extended periods. Risk of frostbite or frost-nip is high. This kind of weather is harsh on humans, pets and livestock and even machinery. It appears from the weather forecast that the icy cling will loosen its grip early next week, but not before we have a bit more snow.

Today, I was up before sunrise to catch a glimpse of the pre-dawn sky. Enjoyed a cup of coffee to warm up a bit. There is a deep sense of serenity in the icy cold of the winter sky, just before daylight breaks.

Freshly brewed hot coffee is nice on a cold morning.



I took out the kitchen scraps and added them to the frozen compost bin. My compost pile doesn’t run hot enough to keep breaking things down in the dead of winter. A regular supply of fresh manure from livestock is the only thing to keep a compost pile cooking in the extreme cold winter temperatures. However, every bit of vegetable trimming, egg shells and coffee grounds will turn into terrifically rich compost when the warmer weather returns.



This time of year is good for planning the garden rotation for the coming season. It’s also a nice time for enjoying the view from a warm vantage point inside.

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    • Morning on January 13, 2018 at 3:06 am
    • Reply

    Kevin dear, do you know there is an old saying in chinese”瑞雪兆丰年”?
    It means “a timely snow promises a fruitful year”. Wish you good luck in the coming days!

    As a longterm avid blog follower, I hope to gain more improvements under your guidance. Meanwhile,I also hope you get good harvest from your garden work and yearly plan.

    1. So happy to receive your good wishes for the new year….and guess what?
      I get to celebrate 2 New Year Festivities! I’ll be seeing you all in February around the Chinese Spring Festival.
      A game of Scrabble, Nice meal with Team Q…if you are good maybe I will bring some wine! 😉

        • Morning on January 14, 2018 at 8:01 pm
        • Reply

        You are always so sweet to share good thing with us!
        We are all excited to see you very soon.
        Meanwhile, I have a lot of preparations, enlarge vocabulary (you know i am not a good player of Scrabble);losing weight also haha.

        1. Sharing wine with friends is always nice and I am happy to expound on the recent wine articles with a tasting of sorts.
          Yes, you should continue to build your vocabulary and improve your Scrabble skills.
          However, I think if you lose anymore weight I think you will disappear! Please don’t do that.

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