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In the past, I have written about Shades of Green and the color Gray.

The primary color blue can come in a multitude of variations. From azure and the pastel baby blue, to the rich and deep indigo and Navy blue.


The phrase, “feeling blue and lonely” is a common theme in blues and bluegrass music

Often colors are used in song lyrics, like, the famous Country music hit, Blues Eyes Crying in the Rain –written by Fred Rose and sung by many a country singer.

Old Hank Williams senior wrote a funny song called the Lovesick Blues and it has long been a very popular American Country Music hit.

Stella Blue was a sweet and sad old song in the Grateful Dead repertoire.

Baby Blue— by Bob Dylan. the list of songs with blue in the title, the lyrics or the theme is almost endless..

Cool blue is frequently used to describe mood. Some Jazz music is referred to as blue. Like the composition titled, Blue Rondo a la Turk – Dave Brubeck.

Blue idioms can be found by following this link.

If someone is turning blue is not a good sign. It means they are not getting enough oxygen! Start CPR or get help!

Icy blue is sometimes used to describe a person’s eye color. It certainly is a descriptive phrase and could give a chill.

Do you know any other blue idioms?

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