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At this time of year, many growers are harvesting their crops. One crop that has become a huge market with an economy in the billions of dollars is cannabis. As a lover of liberty, I take my hat off to the many individuals engaged in exercising their right to be free from interference of others — harm no one, defraud no one. More about this freedom philosophy here.

Cannabis is the correct term for what is more commonly referred to as marijuana, pot, weed, reefer or grass. An annual, dioecious flowering plant, cannabis has been recognized world-wide for centuries and its uses include culinary, medicinal and for recreation..

Here is a link to a good timeline history of cannabis. and this one for a more scholarly paper on mankind’s long relationship with this ancient plant.

Studies that show Medicinal uses of cannabis. Culinary uses are also well known. Go here for info about cooking with cannabis and here as well.




This photo was taken in Washington State.

Master horticulturists like Robert Connell Clarke, known for writing the seminal work, Marijuana Botany. And Jorge Cervantes, for his work on indoor cultivation and guerrilla gardening, Ed Rosenthal (see his list of books here) for his knowledge of cloning and propagation techniques, and others have all helped to preserve the body of knowledge associated with this mysterious plant. The world owes these men a bit of gratitude for documenting their work and sharing it.

Others like Neville Shoenmakers, of the Seed Bank in Amsterdam, deserve tremendous credit for their efforts to preserve and enhance the genetics of the cannabis plant for medicinal and recreational uses.

On the other hand, there have been far too many lives ruined as a result of this so called “war on drugs”. In reality, what the war on drugs was and continues to be today is a war on the fundamental liberties of the American people. Under the guise of ridding the nation of the scourge of drugs, statists have grown their power at the expense of the people’s freedom.

Daily across America, SWAT teams execute dynamic entry raids, often at the wrong address, frequently against non-violent drug suspects and the results have been catastrophic! Forbes magazine, a mainstream business publication is advocating for an end to the drug war, because of the disproportionate negative effect it is having on minority communities. In this map, the CATO Institute shows the nationwide legacy of botched drug raids. This site; Stop The Drug War has plenty more if you can stand to read it.

Public sentiment is turning away from this policy of dismal failure. In countries like the Netherlands, a rational and sane drug policy was implemented nearly 40 years ago and they seem to have survived. On the issue of medical cannabis, there are now 23 states in the U.S. that permit medical use of the herb. Many states have “decriminalized” possession of small amounts of cannabis. Two states, Washington and Colorado have fully legalized recreational use for adults. More states are sure to follow, though I expect this is due less to the government realizing it is the right thing to do in the name of justice and medicine, but much more because financially strapped state governments realize this can be a huge cash cow!

Still today, Marc Emery, a Canadian seed salesman, sits in U.S. prison for selling cannabis seeds across the border from Canada, a country with a neutral policy toward cannabis, into a country that has moronic and draconian laws that prohibit use and cultivation of an herb that grows in God’s green earth, the U.S..

General benefits of cannabis use. Please take note of the source of this article; Business Insider Magazine is not known for political partisanship or demagoguery. The fact is that sensible business people can see cannabis offers opportunities for new businesses. Business investors are willing to listen to the evidence that supports cannabis as medicine and recognize what prosecuting attorneys, judges, cops and others who benefit from the drug war, don’t seem too care about, and that is; Doctors and patients should be permitted to choose what treatment is best. Drug war hacks should find another career. Instead, we have incidents like that of Peter McWilliams. McWilliams was prohibited from legally using cannabis, in spite of the documented medical evidence and his doctor’s recommendation that the herb helped to control his nausea. Nausea was the result of ongoing cancer treatment. After California passed its medical cannabis legislation, McWilliams’ grow operation was raided and he was subsequently prosecuted under federal law. He later died choking on his own vomit, because he was denied the medicine that worked for him.

Steve Kubby is a well known cancer survivor and Libertarian activist who helped to pass California’s Prop. 215, for legalization of medicinal cannabis. He and his wife were subsequently harassed and prosecuted on dubious charges related to “growing too much medicine” to help treat their cancer.

How can we call ourselves a just society if we prosecute sick people for taking medicine that relieves their pain?

Well known comedian, Tommy Chong was maliciously prosecuted by an overzealous drug warrior, for selling bongs with his name on them. He spent 9 months in jail!

There are characters on Wall Street and in the halls of congress who have defrauded the American people out of billion$$$ of dollar$$$ and they walk free, but this government saw fit that a stoner comedian, Tommy Chong would spend time in jail for selling bongs with his name on them. It is a ridiculous outrage!

I submit that there is something bizarrely wrong with a system that can perpetuate this kind of injustice. The industry of government is a danger to all freedom. There is no better example than the evidence we review after nearly 40 years of failed drug policy.


Photo taken in Washington State.

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