Jan 04

Cycle training

As the cold weather finally arrived after the new year, I decided to buy an inexpensive “trainer”. My initial idea was to hook up my old bike to the indoor trainer and leave my new bike road ready in the event the weather warmed up in the coming weeks. It is recommended that you install a tire for the trainer or expect that the tire you are running will be worn down from the friction of the roller. Given the cost of the new tire and then the nuisance of removing tires for trainer use to installing tires for road use and back again, it seemed more workable to just get an inexpensive bike to dedicate to the trainer. Thus, both of my bikes are now road ready at anytime. Anyone interested in taking a bike ride? I have a spare bike.


An old street touring bike rigged to the trainer.

An old street touring bike rigged to the trainer.

The bike shop I deal with suggested a low end model bike at $350 and I declined. I wanted something less expensive. It would be a waste to dedicate either of my other bikes to the trainer, but there should be no need to spend so much money just for a rig to ride indoors for the purpose of keeping my legs and lungs fit. When I balked, the owner brought me to the back room and showed me a few bikes that had been brought in for repair. The shop did the requested repairs for the customer (costing the shop money) and then the owner of the bike failed to pay for the repairs and pick up the bike. So, He let me have the bike shown in the picture for $70 + $150 for the cost of the trainer unit = I am outfitted to continue riding all winter no matter what the weather may do outside. This is very important because at my age my metabolism has slowed enough that I can not seem to keep the pounds off without a lot of focused exercise and mindful watching of my calorie intake.


In the first few days of the new year I have the thing up and running. It provides a very easy and convenient work-out without the hassle of going outside in the cold.


This is a close up of the rear wheel as it engages the trainer. The trainer acts as a treadmill to allow the bike to go through the full range of gears while set in place. It would be interesting to see if it is possible to measure the energy output as the rider pedals along.

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