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David’s Tree

David’s Tree

by Kevin Neary

on a cold winter morn

along a row

where corn had been shorn

a lone crow pecks through the snow

and a red fox trots

the line of frozen bramble canes


eternal circle moon and sun

turning see the days grow longer

light grows stronger

first hard rain of spring

comes to break the icy cling

the earth begins its softening

and with it bring

birds returning to trees to sing

see a single crimson cardinal early in the day

sits ‘neath a waning Gibbous moon

while six doves on a wire swoon


sun and moon turn again

as the dog star rises with the morning light

dog days upon us

causing sleepless nights

and in the hours before dawn

in that quiet stillness when darkness creeps to daybreak’s yawn

silence pierced by the cries of an orphaned fawn


soon autumn winds rustle leaves

as acorns and conifers drop from trees.

seasons change and roses fade

the scent of smoke and cedar across the glade

David’s tree stands straight and strong

the ways of nature often be harsh and sometimes seem wrong

rhythm and timing we can’t predict

how we live and when we die

the life we picked

we know nothing of the why

seasons turn to lifetimes they come and go

and yet how late we realize how little we know.


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    • diane jupp on November 9, 2016 at 2:14 pm
    • Reply

    Straight and strong as it should be. Some people just shine and if you meet one you are lucky.

    I hope your readers like your words.

    Life is hard and not fair for some more than others but it is still a gift.

    1. I’ve done my best to care for David’s tree since it was a seedling. Today, at about 12 years old, it looks healthy and has grown tall enough to prevent the deer from topping it off. In a few more years it will offer wind protection and shade in that part of the yard. It is a welcome addition with good memories attached. A gift to this little space on planet earth.

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