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Day Hikes in NEPA

Another activity to plan during the winter months is hiking in the many forest and parks of Pennsylvania. Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA) offers some good hiking opportunities. Here is a picture of my old hiking buddy,

Homer on his Odyssey.

Homer good-bye

These first four hikes are in sequence along a section of the Appalachian Trail. Much of the terrain along these hikes is very rocky and wearing a shoe or boot with some ankle support is strongly recommended.

#1- Smith Gap Road to Wind Gap – 8 miles, Ridge-top walk.



#2- Wind Gap to Fox Gap – 8.1 miles, Rocksylvania says it all!


#3- Fox Gap to Delaware Water Gap– 7.2 miles, sharp, jagged and rough.


#4- Lehigh Gap to Smith Gap Rd.- 12.6 miles, strenuous.


Mossy roots

Mossy roots

#5-Hickory Run State Park has many hiking trails. The park is an easy drive from my place. Most of these hikes are less than 4 miles. Some of the trails are also listed as available for cross-country skiing (called Nordic skiing in Europe) so, if you visit during the snowy winter months, this is another outdoor activity available to you.


fern in the crevice

Not far from Hickory Run S.P. is a favorite place that I especially like to escape to during the hot summer months. I call it my own private swimming hole because I rarely see anyone else there. This little hide away has a small waterfall with a few shallow wading pools and several large rocks to sunbathe on. This is a special place for me and I will share it with you if you come for a visit. We may even see a bear!

Shanty Run

The above picture is my son, Robert during a visit last summer.

#6- Beltzville State Park — Beltzville Lake offers boat rentals, swimming, picnicking and short historic hikes. In springtime and in autumn, this is a great place to view migrating waterfowl. The lake is not far from my home and Pohopoco Creek runs by my house as it winds its way down to feed into Beltzville Lake.


#7- Lehigh Gorge State Park is another place for hiking and biking (bike rentals are available in the area).


#8- Nescopeck State Park offers hiking and environmental education.


This list gives a good idea of some hiking opportunities within reach of my place. I hope you will consider visiting and hiking in NEPA.


Autumn maple leaf

Autumn maple leaf


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    • Diane on January 8, 2013 at 6:26 pm
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    I notice Robert has his camera poised, a big plus when in the area if you like to take pictures too. Lots of beautiful subjects to reflect a beautiful place.

    • Vivian on January 10, 2013 at 12:32 am
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    nice trip, I like your private swimming hole ~

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