Dec 12

Dylan’s Nobel Prize Speech

In mid-October, I posted a brief piece about singer-songwriter Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize in literature. While Dylan did acknowledge the honor, he was slow to offer an official reply to the committee. Well, just a couple of days ago he sent his acceptance speech to be read via surrogate, Azita Raji, the United States Ambassador to Sweden. The speech was eloquent and humble and well worth the read. Follow this link to read in its entirety.

In addition to the speech delivered by another Dylan summoned Pattie Smith to be his proxy in accepting the award. Smith also performed Dylan’s classic, A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall, backed up by the Swedish Philharmonic Orchestra. I watched the performance and cringed when she twice forgot the lyrics. At about two minutes into the song, she drew a blank and stopped…started…stopped again, apologized for her faux pas and requested she be allowed to start again! You can read about it here. I’ve never been a Pattie Smith fan and this pathetic showing convinced me not to try.


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