Oct 15

Dylan receives Nobel Prize in Literature.

In previous posts both here and here, I shared information and resources to learn about poetry, how to study it, to understand it and how to write it. I also pointed out that there has been a long relationship between poetry and musical lyrics. Some would argue that music is not poetry and visa versa and others will say that they can be interchangeable. I have also written about my admiration for the man many consider to be the master poet of my generation, Bob Dylan. His greatest work of poetry was the Blood on the Tracks album and you can read some of that powerful poetic lyricism here.

This past week Dylan was awarded the very esteemed Nobel Prize in Literature, “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”. This news has re-opened the debate of whether song lyrics are actually poetry or not and you can read the BBC take on it here.

I know nothing of how the Nobel committee decides who will be recognized nor when they will receive their praise and award, but congratulations to Bob Dylan on this recently achieved recognition.

Here is a link that lists the more than 500 songs he has written….and another from USA Today with their ranking of Dylan songs by popularity. And finally, a list of Dylan songs that were made popular by other artists.


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