Dec 15

Election year blues.

I was out of the country on election day but I was able to read the news from 12 times zones away. As the year comes to a close, I am compelled to comment.

In my entire life I have never witnessed such a spectacle as this year’s presidential run-up. Representing the two major political parities are two individuals who are deserving of derision. One candidate for his ignorance, ego and arrogance and the other for her history of demonstrable criminal activity combined with a litany of lies in refute of her crimes and the utter gall she has in putting such rubbish forward, as if it would be believed!

Full disclosure; I have loathed the Clinton crime-duo for more than two decades. They have always been low-rent trash. Through corrupt financial dealings, a smug sense of contempt for the rule of law and absolute ruthlessness they were able to sleaze their way onto the national stage in the 1990’s, and America has never been the same. They brought with them some very dirty players in the world of politics. The Clintons and their ilk are like a pernicious form of cancer on the political system. Players like Eric Holder who was brought into the Clinton fold as an assistant attorney general under Janet Reno (the Waco baby-killer). Holder rose to be Attorney General under Obama and was the man who was responsible for approving the Fast and Furious gun-running scheme that armed rival drug cartels and resulted in the murder of thousands of citizens in Mexico as well as a couple of dead U.S. Border Patrol agents, all with guns that have been traced back to the government’s outlandish conspiracy designed to arm criminals. It was Holder who also decided against pursuing any criminal charges against the Wall Street investment firms responsible for the fraud that brought down Lehmman Brothers, Washington Mutual among others and brought forward the rotten notion of “too big to fail” ….Holder left his position as Attorney General and returned to his cushy gig with the corporate law firm of Covington & Burling, whose clients include many of the investment banks Holder refused to prosecute for their crimes. John Podesta, the hot-shot D.C. attorney who was complicit in covering for many of Bill Clinton’s dubious dealings is now revealed as a key figure in Hillary”s email scandal. Hundreds of thousands of emails that were released by Wikileaks have shown that the Democratic Party’s primary was rigged, that the Clinton Charitable Foundation is a sham for the purpose of laundering large sums of money to enrich the Clintons and fund HRC’s presidential campaign, and the biggest surprise of all….wait for it…. that Hillary Rodham Clinton lied…again…..and again and again about receiving classified material on an unsecured server, lied about covering it up, that members of the Clinton team destroyed evidence after being subpoenaed, lied about the events leading up to and after the attack on U.S. Embassy in Benghazi that resulted in the deaths of four Americans, lied about funding terrorist groups in Libya and Syria…..and on and on and on. The Clintons are like a bad dream that keeps returning. It is my most fervent hope that this latest series of revelations about Mrs. Clinton will finally, once and for all finish the witch off! She is a snake, a power-hungry sociopath and a neo-con war monger who will stop at nothing in pursuit of her selfish aims. I am relieved she was defeated, but naturally, she refuses to go away quietly. Instead, her cronies on the left have been scheming to undo the results, through violent protests (funded by her patron George Soros), claims that “fake news” was the reason for Hillary’s undoing, and the latest – that “the Russians” hacked into .gov computers to aid Trump in winning the election. As Americans wait for the electoral college to cast the official votes many of them are receiving death threats from Clinton supporters. Yet, no one on the political left can accept the fact that they ran a crooked candidate who insulted a large percentage of the voting population and lied about virtually everything!

On the other hand, there is Donald Trump, the garish, egotistical, demagogic buffoon who happens to speak candidly about a number of the troubles now facing America; his stance on closing the border to illegal immigration is common sense. His idea of rationally negotiating with countries like Russia and China instead of antagonizing them should make for a more peaceful world. He has gained a following among many Americans who have reached the breaking point after years of being lied to by short-sighted and self-serving politicians, many of whom promised to clean up D.C. and never delivered. Trump is seen as the great thumb in the eye of the elites. His supporters want him to be the big middle finger thrust out in defiance of the establishment.

I don’t always agree with the man, but he has said many things that needed to be said. I watched in disappointment when he showed just how unprepared he was to seriously debate his opponent in all three scheduled debates. He could have demonstrated real understanding of the problems facing the country and he could have presented his ideas to fix them, but he did not. I was especially disappointed when he referred to Edward Snowden as a “traitor”. I’ve not been thrilled with some of his cabinet picks, but perhaps I am overly cynical. On the plus side, the style of his campaign demonstrated how biased the news media in this country is. Many of the main-stream media are reeling from the damage he inflicted by showing them for the elitist shills they are. Additionally, he is a businessman not a lawyer or career politician. He understands how to meet a budget and the importance of creating an environment that is conducive to economic growth. He certainly has a grip on how to negotiate and win, unlike the political class who have given away the farm, crippled business and industry through over-regulation and excessive taxation. Surely we need, many more business people and far fewer lawyers to serve in government. So, we must wait and see what he does.

For the sake of my country I hope he is successful in turning the ship of state around. Two good things to keep in mind; 1) Hillary Clinton did not win the White House and, 2) Barrack Obama is soon to depart.

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    • Grayson on December 16, 2016 at 2:30 am
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    I really like when you share the current events!
    In some way Trump is better than Clinton, but we should watch what he will do.
    On Dec 15,the FED announced to increase the interest rate. It definitely brought a huge shock. Different people have different opinions. I don’t know which one is right. Next week, I will talk with you.

    1. I have intentionally tried to keep politics to a minimum on this blog, but I do have strong opinions about current events in my country and I have felt compelled to share some of them through this blog. America is at a dangerous juncture and the vote of the electors on Monday could prove to be a turning point. Keep watching, because no matter which way things go there is sure to be a reaction in financial markets around the world.

    • Allen on December 16, 2016 at 10:43 pm
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    It’s an old trick for US to try to crush the weaker country’s sovereignty through support of the rivals, like the situation in Syria, Libya, Cuba, Egypt etc, and thus US gained the ability to impose influence on the next administration of a foreign country for their own interests. It’s a shame that the world’s strongest nation would adopt such conspiracy to advance itself. Ironically, the US leaders recently are not happy as some weapons provided to rivals in Syria eventually flowed to ISIS, which is now a serious problem for US to deal with. There is a Chinese saying “lift a rock only to drop it on one’s own feet”. I agree Trump is a pragmatist and hope he can restore America’s confidence and pride through normal ways.
    It’s also frustrating that the media in the country asserting democracy and freedom is not neutral and becomes a tool used by elites, rather than reflect the truth. That’s why you are in favor of zeohedge’s source right?

    1. Thanks for sharing your view, Allen. However, I think your assertion that “it’s an old trick for the United States to crush the weaker country’s sovereignty through support of rivals…” is not quite accurate. I would argue first, with the exception of Cuba (a country that had been overtaken by force of a Communist coup and run as a dictatorship allied with the former Soviet Union as their proxy in the Western Hemisphere) the examples you cite (Syria, Libya and Egypt) are quite recent. They are examples of an agenda pushed by a leftist – collectivist – globalist elite who have usurped their authority and acted in violation of both U.S. and international law. Those same elites in the Obama administration under the direction of former Secretary of State Clinton and her successor, John Kerry are largely responsible for the horror we currently see being played out in Syria. There is little evidence to show that the American people support these actions and these actions are most assuredly not intended to advance the interests of the American people, but rather to push the elitist globalist agenda. Despite the political rhetoric of the globalists. That agenda is rooted in the notion that global socialism is a worthy goal. I disagree with that notion.
      Secondly, No doubt nation-states have a habit of acting in their own self interest. That should not come as a surprise. It is also a fact that international politics can make for strange bedfellows, but much of the fickle and meddling foreign policy of post WW2 U.S. Government has been at the root of the problem and it can be directly attributed to the globalist agenda of a “New World Order”.
      Finally, this globalist agenda (NWO) is funded by the international banking cartels through organizations like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. They are the one’s who foment much of the instability around the globe.
      One need look no further than the United Nations Charter to see the “conspiracy”. Read the Preamble and then reflect on how the lofty goal of world peace is nothing less than a crock of bullshit! Ask yourself one question; Has that goal of world peace been achieved at anytime since the inception of United Nations Charter in 1945?
      We might also consider the monumental horror inflicted on “weaker nations” (and upon anyone who might disagree with) by the scourge of international Communism. A system that has, to date, been responsible for the death of roughly 200million people world-wide!

    • Allen on December 18, 2016 at 10:06 pm
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    Sorry for the misunderstanding. The “US” I meant to refer was the US elites and other globalists (not representing the nation). Those who work for their own interests are making more chaos. As you call it “a new world order” to concentrate the power with which they can do whatever they want, rather than stand for the nation’s will. I think this contributes to Trump’s winning of presidency.

    1. I appreciate your clarification and I am glad that we are able to have a civil dialogue on these difficult issues.
      As I have mentioned in the past, it is not the purpose of this blog to delve too deeply into politics, but some current events beg for commentary. It is important to understand that often what we see in the world of international politics is not what it appears to be. Subterfuge and confusion are tools of those who would seek to control us and the best defense against misinformation is truth.
      I applaud you for your interest in world events and your willingness to seek a better understanding.

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