Jun 17


“Firefly, can you see me?

Shine on, glowing, brief and brightly.

Could you imagine? One summer day,

That same night, be on your way.”

From Passenger, by Phil Lesh


In much of the Eastern U.S. there is an interesting insect that starts to appear, usually after sundown, in the month of June and continuing through the month of July the firefly, sometimes called lightning bugs.

This little insect was the joy of many young child on a hot a humid summer evening. We used to try and catch them in our hands to see the glow and then let them go on their way. Some places seem to have an abundance of the little critters and some years there are fewer or more. Perhaps it depends on the weather. More about the lifespan of a firefly here.


Do you have lightening bugs where you live?




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