Jan 21

More about firewood…

For folks who live the countryside and use wood to heat their homes, there is a lot involved with respect to acquiring the right kind of wood, seasoned to the proper degree and cut to the correct size for your wood burner. In this previous post I shared some pictures of a local wood lot and explained the process of turning timber into firewood.

Burning embers

Burning embers

Follow this link to learn about the science of fire.

Go here and read all about the best burning woods.

Here is a great link to gain a better understanding of how to buy firewood to get the best value for your money.

When burning a lot of wood in your stove or fireplace insert it is essential to have the chimney “swept” by a professional Chimney Sweep. A byproduct of burning wood is creosote and it is dangerous when it builds up in chimneys and stove pipes.

Earlier in the month, I posted about Ben Franklin and if you go there you can follow another link and learn about the Franklin Stove.

Go here to learn how to start a fire without matches.

Finally, don’t forget to learn all about fire extinguishers, fire safety at home and when traveling and fire prevention.

Stay warm and toasty!

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