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Flying into Newark International Airport…

…and getting out.

NOTE** It may be useful to start reading at the bottom of this post to learn all of the abbreviations. This may make it easier to understand your first reading.

For travelers wishing to visit New York City I always recommend flying in to Newark instead of JFK or La Guardia airports, because both of those locations are a nuisance to access Manhattan. Flying into either of the Long Island airports also adds extra travel time for any visitors traveling further on to my place. In previous posts I have shared one option that visitors coming to my place can take the Trans-bridge Bus Lines directly from Newark airport to Allentown, PA. However that is also a nuisance because Allentown is farther away than DWG and the bus ride is longer than a bus from PABT to DWG.

While doing some research this past week, I found a different route that avoids Allentown entirely and provides travelers a greater number scheduled buses from NYC / PABT to my local stop at the DWG in Stroudsburg, PA. Additionally, this route allows for relatively hassle free travel and saves some time. Saving time at the end of a long journey is always a welcome thing! Don’t get discouraged when you read all this stuff like, DWG, PABT and EWR. Just refer to the bottom of the article and everything will be explained.

All of this is great news for me whenever I travel by air in the future and in particular for my upcoming trip to China.

Here is the route:

Terminal B at Newark Airport accommodates most international arrivals. After passing through customs you will walk down a slow ramp to the Ground Floor. At the bottom of the ramp straight ahead and behind a glass wall is the waiting lobby. You may see your host waving to you!

On the right you will see the currency exchange booth and a little further a sign for the “Welcome Center” around the bend. There are rest rooms there as well. If you have lost contact with your host or receiving party, you may access the airport paging service by calling 973-681-0002.

Currency Exchange on the right and the blue sign directs guests to the Welcome Center / information desk.

Currency Exchange on the right and the blue sign in the middle directs guests to the Welcome Center / information desk. (click the pic to enlarge)

The Welcome Center is a helpful resource to assist travelers with any questions they may have, provide directions and aid in connecting travelers with their host or contact.

You may also call Traveler’s Aid – a volunteer agency to assist travelers. Contact them at – 973-623-5052.

Follow the sign to AirTrain

Follow the sign to AirTrain

At the bottom of the ramp on the left is the Baggage Claim carousel. Out the doors to curbside taxi, shuttle buses and limousines. Past the Baggage Claim, you will see stairs and an escalator going up.

Follow the signs to Air-Train. AirTrain is the monorail around the airport to terminals A and C (in the event you have to change airlines to your final destination) and to Penn Station in New Jersey.


Buy your ticket at the Orange colored machines and be sure to press the correct buttons- Round -trip ($25) or One-way ($12.50), to Penn Station NYC.

After you get on the AirTrain at Terminal B, it will be the 3rd stop when you need to disembark and switch to the N.J. Transit train downstairs. That train will take you into Manhattan.

After exiting the mono-rail at Penn Station in New Jersey, board the N.J. Transit train headed for Penn Station in NYC. Don’t ask me why they named the station in Newark, New Jersey the same name as the station in NYC. It makes no sense and I suspect it is more than a little confusing to travelers from out of town.


Escalator (moving staircase) going up to the AirTrain

Escalator (moving staircase) going up to the AirTrain

walking left after you get off the train at Penn Station you will see the sign for C & E trains.

Bear to the left after you get off the train at Penn Station you will see the sign for C & E trains.

N.J. Transit will deliver you to Penn Station in NYC located between 7th & 8th Ave and between 31st and 34th Sts. In nice weather it is not a difficult walk north to the PABT, but if you have been traveling for hours and hours and you have to drag your luggage about, it is best to catch the A, C, or E- subway train going Up-Town to PABT.

Penn Station in NYC is a confusing place to navigate and it is made less user friendly by the low ceilings which have a tendency to limit the view. Just remember that you came into the station from the west side. If you work your way to the left and look up for the signs to the subway entrance. You need to go Up-Town.

You will need to buy a Metro-Card that is good for subway and bus travel in NYC. ($25 for 10 rides or) there are several options for unlimited travel if you buy a ticket for 3 or 5 days.

picture of the NYC Metro-Card

picture of the NYC Metro-Card

The subway ride from Penn Station, NYC to the PABT is about 10 minutes.

After you exit the subway and go upstairs to the main floor, look for the Martz Trailways ticket window. Ask for a ticket to DWG. Also ask where to find the gate (back downstairs but not down to the subway). Usually Gate number 23 or #25.

The logo for Martz bus lines.

The logo for Martz bus lines.



PABTPort Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan. This is the hub for all regularly scheduled commercial bus companies into NYC. Buses come into PABT from all over the U.S. and Canada. Most of these are daily commuters from the New York Metro area and some are from other cities around the country. Within the city of New York use a Metro-Card for subway and bus transportation.
DWG = Delaware Water Gap in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Be careful when you are looking for which bus to take. Make sure it says DWG. You can even ask the driver to be sure you are boarding the correct bus. Is this going to DWG? It is a common question for drivers on this route. There are a couple of other stops in Stroudsburg and some buses do not stop at DWG. so, just double check to be certain.

EWR = Newark International Airport. in New Jersey. For trains or buses going to Newark. EWR is the abbreviation to look for on the information big board in the station or on printed schedule. Your luggage will likely have an airline tag with EWR placed on it by baggage handlers.


JFK = John F. Kennedy Airport on Long Island. In spite of the greater number of international flights that touch-down at JFK, I think it is a pain in the neck to get to and from if you are traveling from Manhattan, N.J. or points beyond.


LGA = LaGuardia International Airport also on Long Island. Named after the New Deal Republican, Fiorello LaGuardia, former mayor of New York City (the 99th). This airport is even more of an annoyance to access than JFK. Both JFK and LGA are good choices if you live in or are visiting Brooklyn, Queens, the east end of Long Island or north to Connecticut.

and of course, NYC = New York City. The Big Apple, The Empire City, Radio City, “The city that never sleeps.”

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