Mar 24

Free Books!

As regular readers know, I try to share resources for a wide audience and eclectic tastes. I am continuously searching for interesting content to add to the blog. Recently, I received the following links to two very interesting and free sites. is a fantastic site for books about almost everything. From books about art to foreign language books to books about medicine, philosophy, poetry and religion.

Another free site is the Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books. Amazing!

…and if you are in NYC, or plan to visit, follow this link to an article about the 10 best bookstores in The Big Apple. This link to an article about the best bookstores in the world!

Great resources.


I like the feel of a good book. To hold it in your hands and read it. To have it in your lap, with a bright light over your shoulder, in comfortable chair. To turn each page and know what is known within. To read that last page and close its binder and consider what has been gained. To return it to a shelf or withdraw it from that shelf for the purpose of research or just to recall. Books, tangible, meaningful and worthy of having.



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