Aug 08

A good day at the rifle range.

.223 Remington - 55 grain FMJ AKA - 5.56 NATO

.223 Remington – 55 grain FMJ
AKA – 5.56 NATO

The weather today was warm but the humidity was tolerable. I took the opportunity to get to the rifle range and sight-in a new red-dot sight. This sight is made by Aimpoint – T -1 Micro. This sight is known for durability and has received great reviews in the shooting community. The purpose of a holographic red-dot sight is for quick target acquisition to maintain consistent hits even in a low-light shooting environment. Once the sight is dialed-in the shooter is able to hit wherever that red-dot sits on the chosen target.

Always save ad recycle the brass casings!

Always save and recycle the brass casings!


The manufacturer of the Aimpoint states in the owner’s manual that the sight should be close to being on target out-of-the-box. This was not my experience. I had to play around with the adjustments to get things where I wanted them.


An "evil black rifle".

An “evil black rifle”.


After shooting the initial shots from a distance of 25 yards, I moved over to the 100 yard (the length of an American football field or 91.44 meters) bench and dialed in to decent group size.

Without magnification this is a respectable group of 5 shots.

Without magnification this is a respectable group of 5 shots – distance of 100 yards from the bench.

All in all it was a good day at the range.



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