Dec 03

Good Health and Physical fitness

Staying in good physical condition and maintaining a healthy body is an important element of living well.

For many people who work in an office and spend much of the day seated at a desk, body posture is very important. The spine is the body’s support structure. Take good care of your back. Go to the link to read about exercises for improving your posture.

You do not need a membership at a gym or health club to maintain physical fitness. The following links share a wealth of information about exercise programs known as Plyometrics and Calisthenics. These are exercises that can be done at home with little or no equipment. It only takes your self-determination and persistence.

To avoid over eating it is important to understand the signs of satiety. One important factor to controlling weight gain is to slow down when you are eating. Additionally, understand that protein is important for triggering satiety.

Don’t forget proper foot care is also an essential part of good health. If your feet are uncomfortable it can affect your ability to perform at your best and can cause other negative health issues.

Taking care of your teeth is also important.

Mental and emotional health are also key to a well balanced life. Go read this article about healthy habits related to your mental outlook.

Meditation is often mentioned as a way to relax and re-center yourself. Here is a link for a brief introduction to meditation.

Finally, go here for info on developing good sleep habits….and with that I bid you goodnight and sweet dreams.

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