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There are many shades of the color gray, but is gray truly a color? And for that matter are black and white colors? Follow this link to get the details.

Here’s a link to a very cool site with info about color; how certain colors affect mood. Did you know the human eye can distinguish about 500 shades of gray?

…and what is the difference between gray and grey?

In the world of photography, a “gray card” is used to achieve a neutral balance of light distribution.

There is a bird called the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

Gray-green is the color of a type of modeling clay commonly used by professional sculptors.

The term grayish – white is synonymous with hoary. An interesting word to describe an elderly and faded or gray gent.

Around the turn of the 19th into the 20th Century, there was a man in South Carolina who was convicted of several gruesome murders. He claimed to have committed over 100 murders across the country. His name was Albert Fish and he has been called the Gray Man.

The classic mystery novels called The Hardy Boys introduced a character in one of their books, called The Gray Man. This could possible be where the “Gray Man” concept of going about and being unnoticed derives.

The Silver-gray Rockfish, also known as Grouper, is a popular salt water game fish found along the Pacific Northwest coast from Oregon to Alaska.

A TOUCH OF GRAY ~ is the only song by the Grateful Dead to reach the top 40 list and achieve a Gold Record

Here is a link to a few idioms using gray.


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