Apr 17

Shades of Green

Spring – starting somewhere near St. Patrick’s Day, with the green clover -into- Summer, and through the awful hot days, when green wilts and is slowly scorched to brown — that time of year when we witness the seemingly endless array of the various shades of green. Spring – into – Summer is the color green.



I like green. I enjoy watching her emerge in springtime and to see her flourish to full glory! Deciduous trees of green. Green grass and herbs and garden veggies all come to life, and, give life in the garden! Green represents abundance, fertility, growth, fecundity.

Green is the color of nature. Green has an abundance of various shades. Green, that color made by mixing the primary colors of BLUE + YELLOW = GREEN. The previous link has some interesting crafts and activities for kids at the bottom of the page too….maybe for big kids too.

The color green is known for its calming affects when applied in the field of interior decorating. Green has other psychological benefits.

Some green idioms.

What is your favorite shade of green?.


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