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Has it been 3 years already?

Wow! June already?London gated entrance

And it seems, I’d barely noticed three years have passed since publishing the first article on this blog.


In the month of June 2012, I actually published two articles. The first one, linked above, was about my first trip to London, England




and the next piece was about my second visit to Amsterdam, Holland. Since then, I have posted over 250 articles, some short and some longer. I have tried to keep it interesting and to cover a broad number of subjects. As it states in the header, “We talk about art, food & cooking, gardening, travel and more!”

narrow stairs


Initially, the idea was to offer a source to instigate and incite dialogue among ESL learners on a wide variety of topics. I’ve never considered myself a great writer and I am certain it is clear that any critical eye visiting herein, will find plenty o’ error with respect to grammar, punctuation and syntax. The assistance of an editor would be greatly helpful because I find it is so difficult to edit my own work. However, this gig doesn’t pay and editors are not cheap. Simple. I do my best and try very hard to keep it interesting. When we find an error during a lesson I try to use it as a teaching moment.

It is clear that the travel articles spark the greatest interest and food articles are probably number two in terms of popularity.

So, if you are new to this place, take a look around. A good place to start may be my “about” page and be sure to follow the links within to get a taste of all that is available here.

If you like to read about travel follow the two links above and then this one about the Philippines…and then you can read about my visit to China.

Many articles about NYC, & Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in particular….and let’s not forget Atlanta.

Highlights from the garden would be the piece on grafting the apple tree…and asparagus was a big deal for me!

There’s plenty more to be found. From poetry and music to food and cooking, art and even an occasional social commentary.

For regular readers, I thank you for your continued interest.


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    • Sandy on June 7, 2015 at 12:18 am
    • Reply

    Time flies! I have already worked for 3 years, how many three years we have on our whole life? I can not imagine.
    enjoy everyday

    1. Hello, Miss Sandy!
      Long time since we have heard from you.
      We never know how many circles of life we are given. Use them wisely and enjoy the time.

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