Mar 19

Henry Hudson

The Hudson River is named after him in addition to Hudson Street in lower Manhattan and I think there are Hudson Streets in several towns around the region, the Mid-Hudson Bridge in Poughkeepsie bears his name and even a fictional place called Hudson University in TV-land..

Henry Hudson was a Dutch explorer of the 17th Century. During several sailing journeys he mapped the area now referred to as the Hudson River, at that time called the “North River” by the Dutch and the “South River”, now called the Delaware River. These two rivers formed the boundary of what was the Dutch settlement in early North America. The English explorers who followed the detailed maps Henry Hudson drafted from Greenland into the current Hudson Bay area named the Bay in his honor.

The Hon. John Collier, 'The Last Voyage of Henry Hudson' exhibited 1881

The Last Voyage of Henry Hudson (1881) by British painter John Collier.

The ship was ice-bound and the crew spent the winter ashore in an aboriginal village. The mutiny was committed after the crew was informed of Captain Hudson’s intention to press further on to the west in hope of finding a passageway to Cathay (the Orient). On June 22, 1611, his crew mutinied and set Hudson and his sons adrift in a small dingy. They were never heard from again.



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      The story of Henry Hudson is one of fantastic exploration with a tragic end.

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