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One of my favorite news aggregators is the website known as They offer an alternative to the mainstream media outlets. It is the responsibility of every citizen to keep informed about the issues of the day. For the citizen to be fully informed he/she must seek out the truth from any source that is available.

It is important to note that one of the best things to come out of this past year’s election campaign, is that the mainstream media wasted no energy in attempting to hide their lack of objectivity in reporting and more people came to fully understand that fact. All of the primary sources of news across this country did everything within their power to misinform about Donald Trump and many, including CNN, were unabashedly promoting the Clinton candidacy and purposefully suppressing the bad news about their candidate. It was shameful to witness such a lack of journalistic integrity. More Americans saw it and were disgusted by it. Washington Post was also so pro-Hillary that they chose not to report an awful lot of what was happening with respect to attack on U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Clinton’s secret email servers, suspicious charitable donations to the Clinton Foundation, etc. These same “news agencies” are reporting that many alternative news sources (many found online) like zerohedge are Russian propaganda fronts!

An artist who goes by the name William Banzai 7 (WB7) has become well known for his searing political satire. His website Visual Combat is worth a look. His motto; “destroy the image and you will break the enemy”. Through the use of Photoshop mash-ups WB7 is able to skewer all the sacred idols in politics and on Wall Street. This style of satire has won awards like the Pullitzer prize and it is a staple in American politics to cast scorn upon those individuals who violate the public trust. It is a great American tradition to mock and ridicule those in positions of authority especially when they abuse that authority.

In mid-October I contacted WB7 to arrange for the purchase of an original print signed by the artist. Below is a copy of the image. Done in the style of Dali’s surrealism and vaguely reminiscent of the painting titled, “The Persistence of Memory“, This piece captures so many of the things that would haunt candidate Clinton…if she were not a congenital liar and sociopath without a conscience!


The image shows Clinton as a used condom with dirty laundry attached. She is propped up by big money from Wall Street. The fly is attracted to feces and dead things or things that smell of decomposition. During the third debate between Clinton and Trump, Hillary was plagued by a pesky fly that was quite attracted to her. The image of the lone slipper comes from September 11, 2016 memorial services in NYC wherein Mrs. Clinton suffered what looked to be a seizure and black-out episode that was described by her private physician and supporters in the press as fatigue and dehydration related to pneumonia.

In the upper right the infamous blue dress figures prominently as reminder of one of the many previous Clinton crime syndicate scandals. The blue dress was worn by Monica Lewinski and said to bear the DNA evidence that William Jefferson Clinton did indeed “have sex with that woman”. Many believe that this bit of evidence was key to preventing Ms. Lewinski from meeting a suspicious and untimely end. The cigar represents another favorite sex-toy used by Bill Clinton, resting upon Hillary’s hard drive – Heavy Use – now perfectly clean. In the distance on the bottom right can be seen the ruins of Syria or Libya. Two nations that were targets of U.S. led bombing campaigns during Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State in the Obama administration….when asked about her role in overthrowing Libyan dictator Mohmar Qaddafi she glibly cackled, “We came, we saw, he died!…hahaha!” as she openly admitted her involvement in the overthrow and subsequent murder of a head of state deemed not worthy (or perhaps someone who had too much dirt on the Clintons) by the U.S. government.

Bottom left is a basket of deplorables, and of course, a bust of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Clinton claimed that Russia and Putin had attempted to hack the DNC, members of the Clinton campaign staff and their emails as well as voting machines in order to install their man Trump, the Russian puppet. The “deplorables” – a term used by Clinton when she maligned average American voters who chose to vote for Trump and to reject her litany of lies and trail of corruption. So bizarre that you just can’t make this stuff up!

WB7 is an American who resides in Hong Kong where he offers personalized guided tours of that city. You can read reviews of his tours on Trip Advisor.

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