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Introducing a cultural immersion – home stay.

It was brought to my attention that students of English as a second language are often interested in expanding their understanding of American culture. Many ESL students live in densely populated cities where outdoor activities are limited or they must travel a far distance to enjoy the natural world.

Experiencing delicious fresh food from a home garden, taking time to relax and enjoy the quiet solitude or a stroll through a hardwood forest with a chance to view wildlife in its natural habitat, are just a few examples of the interesting ways to heighten your cultural and language learning experience.

Beginning this year, I will offer a cultural immersion – home stay.

Here in Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA) there are many activities to enhance your visit to America; Swimming in the community lake or pool, various day hiking or overnight back-packing adventures on or near the Appalachian Trail.

Here is a link to one of my previous articles about Hiking in NEPA.

For the more bold and daring visitor, there are also other activities such as; horse-back riding,

. at the barn

or white-water rafting, …and more**

Day trips to NYC are an interest for many visitors. The bus from DWG takes less than 2 hours. There, you can enjoy shopping, sightseeing, museums, restaurants and the many other options available to visitors. You can read about one of our many Day Trips to NYC and here and others here and here and here too! If this interests you, a day trip to NYC can be arranged.

Added 10/2013 — My student Vivian came for a visit with her family and we had a great time! You can read about their trip here.

In summertime, guests are welcome to join in the gardening activities. I can always use the help!

looking North 2012

You can learn about organic gardening, and preparation of foods you may not be familiar with. If you enjoy sharing foods from your culture, I encourage you to provide me with a list for shopping. I will purchase the required ingredients and you can teach me how to prepare your favorite recipe from your country. If you prefer, you can just relax and hang out. In the evening we may have a bonfire and sit and watch the stars.Summer Bonfire

You are welcome to walk casually throughout the immediate area around my home or we can plan daily events that suit your interests and activity level. If you like to see farm animals, we can plan a trip to one of the many County Fairs held during the later weeks of summer.

Cows at the County Fair

In autumn, the beautiful display of nature’s colors is at its peak during the 1st and 2nd weeks in October. Autumn is my favorite time of year as the weather has cooled from the heat of summer and hiking is very pleasant.

Autumn red

Winter activities are somewhat limited, though snow skiing at the regions premier ski area, Blue Mountain is usually open from December thru February. Of course, snow for skiing is dependent upon weather conditions. Some winter’s we have a lot of snow and others not so much.

Does this pique your interest? If it does, please contact me and I will explain the details, costs and dates available for your visit. At this time, I can accommodate, up to two people; single travelers (with a child) or couples only.

This link will show you pictures taken by my friend Diane while she was visiting –Summer 2013.


** Please note that some of the activities listed like, horse-back riding, boat rental, bike rental, ski rental, day trips to NYC and others destinations require advance notice and you will need to assume the additional costs for transportation, equipment fees, reservations and other expenses incurred.

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    • Midori on January 21, 2013 at 6:46 pm
    • Reply

    I went to Kevin’s place twice with my daughter as one of his friends from website. He treated us like old friends even though it was the first time we met in person. In the evening we spent times in his back yard and had a big fire! During the daytime my daughter and I walked to the lake nearby. It was so beautiful! Also we went to NYC then we could go some interesting places. I can recommend all students who want to feel an American cultural experience and I know we are friends.

    Later… Midori added: I forgot to mention, There are so many things you can do in the USA, I really liked to show Kevin Japanese food. I cooked Sukiyaki for him and he was intrested in other Japanese foods. So if you could go there I would recomend you to bring some favorite recipe for a dinner and enjoy nice dinner with heart warming conversation!
    We are food buddies forever!

  1. Thanks for your kind comment and for adding your thoughts about cooking Sukiyaki! As you know, it is my favorite Japanese dish and you showed me how to cook it properly….so delicious!

    We have fun when you visit and I know Mimi likes to eat my cooking too.

    Yes, “food buddies forever”! hahaha.

    • Amy Meng on January 23, 2013 at 6:55 am
    • Reply


    • Morning on August 8, 2014 at 10:40 pm
    • Reply

    thank you sooooo much Kevin for your beautiful photos and particular informations! you are so thoughtful!
    hope one day we can enjoy the bonfire together^-^ ^-^

    1. Thanks for you very sweet comment, Morning!
      Please come to visit. I would love to have a bonfire with you…..and maybe you will see some deer or a bear! You never know.

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