Oct 19

Irwin Schiff – American Hero

With great sadness today I read the news of Irwin Schiff‘s passing. He was a man for whom I had tremendous admiration and respect. A fighter for truth until his very last days.

Comment from Forbes Magazine.

What is missing from this critical comment is a fact based rebuttal. While Mr. Reilly asserts that he is “unpersuaded” by Schiff’s argument, he fails to provide evidence of any law that people in his field of expertise should be able to show to a “taxpayer”. Where is the law? Show me! Without evidence at law or clear facts to demonstrate your opinion it is simply that- one man’s opinion. A man, who has a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Let us not lose sight of the fact, after all, Mr Reilly is a tax accountant.


“In an age of universal deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act.”

George Orwell


During the course of his life Mr Schiff authored several books. Follow the previous link and you may read all of his books for free. My favorite was titled; THE FEDERAL MAFIAHow it illegally imposes and unlawfully collects income taxes. In this book he detailed the truth about the so called “federal income tax” — that there is no law requiring an individual American citizen to file or pay this onerous tax. Schiff shared excerpts from IRS manuals and showed how agents of the Internal Revenue Service routinely break the law. He demonstrated how citizens are tricked into surrendering constitutional rights and that the citizen has a right to “refuse an IRS audit”. He exposed the fact that “income” is defined by the United States Supreme Court as corporate profit. See; – BRUSHABER -v- UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD CO. 240 US 1 (1916) also, FLINT -v- STONE TRACEY CO. 220 US 107 (1910) and OLIVER -v- HALSTEAD 86 S.E.2d 858 (1955). This means that individuals are not corporations and therefore not subject to an income tax. Further that if an individual does not file an income tax return, there is no lawful way the government can assess the tax. His book also revealed that there are no criminal statutes that apply to income taxes and that there is no law giving federal courts authorization (i.e jurisdiction) to prosecute anyone for income tax “crimes”.


By sharing his research he demonstrated how destructive governmental taxing and monetary policies were degrading America’s industrial prowess and destroying our standard of living. As far back as 1798, Daniel Webster noted that, “the power to tax is the power to destroy”. For many years Schiff gave seminars on the subject of lawful tax avoidance. He also clearly showed the connection between the Federal Reserve (aka international banking cartel) and the insane levels of deficit spending (current U.S. federal debt of over $18 trillion) this government has racked up. You may read another article I wrote about this debacle here.

You may read the statement of tribute from his son, Peter Schiff (former Congressman and U.S. presidential candidate Ron Paul‘s economic adviser) here.

It is bad enough that this government violates its own laws, but it is absolutely disgusting that a man whose great “crime” was to speak truth to power would die suffering from cancer at the age of 87, while shackled to his hospital bed.

My question to the American people; When are you going say enough is enough and re-take your freedom?

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