Jun 12

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June 2017 – 5 years of blogging

The month of June has arrived marking the fifth anniversary of blogging. I have enjoyed sharing all of the many articles, pictures and links to more in-depth reading about so many subjects. Readers have followed me on my travels from home here, in PA and the New York Metro area to Amsterdam, London, the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Jinan (my second city) and several other cities throughout mainland China. Places like Qufu, Xi’an, Beijing, Shanghai I have shared a wide range of interesting information about art, food & cooking, gardening, music, mythology, outdoor activities, poetry, travel, and much more. I’ve also tried to relate all of these many subjects into a unique language learning experience for each student.

My students have improved their language skills through reading, writing, listening and speaking in English. The purpose has always been to use this site as a teaching aid, to make learning fun and interesting. I like to think of this blog as a starting point to open dialogue on a vast array of topics.

With the goal of continuing to offer new and interesting material to readers I have some questions for you. I would appreciate each of my readers taking a few minutes to share their responses in the comment section. This will help me become a better teacher and communicator.

If you prefer to comment anonymously, please feel free to do so.

  1. On average how much time do you spend each week reading articles on this blog?
  2. Do your check-out the links within the articles?
  3. Are the links useful and informative?
  4. In what way has reading this blog helped you to improve your English language skills? ( i.e. I am more relaxed when I am using my second language, or, My vocabulary has improved.)
  5. Are there any subjects that you would like to read / learn more about?
  6. Did you find the material easy to understand?
  7. What was your favorite article about art or music?
  8. What was your favorite article about food and cooking?
  9. What was your favorite article about travel?
  10. Can you name any other article that you really enjoyed?

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  1. Grayson

    1.Sorry,i haven’t read your blog for more than half year
    2.Sometimes,i will do a further research,but not offen
    3.Of course,it’s informative,it helped to know much more
    4.Mostly the vocabulary improved,what’s more important i learned how to use the word correctly.
    5.Current event,interesting news,and Survival English
    6.Not so easy,i have to spend lots of time to learn the vocabulary
    7.I……really don’t know.
    8.About chicken,it’s my favorite meat
    9.Travelling to China(Jinan,Beijing and Xi’an0
    10.”Jinan in springtime” My wife and I are realy happy that day!All Q team are excited.

    1. Teacher Kevin

      Thanks for your candid comment, Grayson.
      I suspect that your lack of reading the blog this years has been due to a busy calendar in your life, wedding, buying a home, etc.
      Good that you recognize your improvements in vocabulary and proper word usage. Your comment with respect to reading the blog is not easy because of the challenging vocabulary, I would posit that improving your vocabulary is perhaps one of the most powerful tools for improving your overall proficiency in English. I have considered writing with a more simple vocabulary, but I think that is like speaking down to a student. I believe it is better to push each student to do more than he/she thinks is possible.
      Your comment to see more food articles with chicken is duly noted!
      In closing, I am pleased to know that your lovely new bride enjoyed the afternoon watching her husbands coworkers play scrabble. We were afraid that she would be bored.
      I appreciate you taking time to post your comments.

  2. Lily

    1. Approximately half an hour to one hour per week
    2. Yes,sometimes. If I found the link interests me.
    3. Of course, it helps to expand my knowledge and understand the article well.
    4. Mainly improved vocabulary.
    5. I’d like to read more about American culture, living conditions, and more about the education system.
    7. To be frank, I know little about art and music.:(
    8. I remember there was an article about pork barbecue, attractive.
    9. Traveling to Taiwan and Hong Kong.
    10.”Spring festival 2016″ and “More about firewood”.

    1. Teacher Kevin

      Great feedback, Lily. Thanks…..but I noticed you skipped number 6. Any reason why? 😉

      1. Lily

        Oh,how careless I am! I didn’t notice it.
        6. Most of them are not so easy, because of the challenging vocabulary.

        1. Teacher Kevin

          The complexity of the vocabulary in most articles on this blog may be challenging for you and many other ESL students, but it really isn’t too difficult. It is one of the areas I think most students need more improvement. As I have recommended to every student; it is so important to maintain a vocabulary notebook and this is something that you can do all of your life.

          Here is a suggestion; go buy an address book with alphabetized tabs A through Z. Whenever you find a new word, you can just add it to the book under the appropriate letter.

  3. May

    1. On average, I spend one hour or more reading articles on your blog.
    2. Yes, sometimes when the material is hard to understand, I will check links.
    3. It’s very useful and informative. The links help me understand whole article better and widen my field of vision as well.
    4. Yes, I’m no longer nervous when I use my second language. My writing skills, reading skills and vocabulary are all improved during the substantial long-term learning from you. Thank you so much!
    5. Subjects about gardening, cooking and traveling are so attractive to me.
    6. Most of materials are easy to understand. But those about art, politics are very hard for me to understand, even written in Chinese.
    7. The most impressive one about art is Jinan Museum. For music, American Pie.
    8. Sweet corn!.
    9. Travel to Jinan. Travel to Philippines, as the longest article.
    10. The road not taken. Stew. Garden report etc.

    1. Teacher Kevin

      Great in depth comments and feedback.

      I recognize that you have been a loyal reader and have also been steady with your comments. It is rewarding for me to see how the blog has helped to broaden your understanding on many different subjects as part of improving your language skills. And I appreciate your continued interest in learning with me.

      Thanks, May!

  4. David

    1. Most often, I spend 2 hours or more reading your blog every week. Because your blog has all kinds of delicious foods and many interesting things for me. Especially the most beautiful and fruited garden. Reading your blog has becoming my habit.
    2. Of course, I did. I like the links within the articles.
    3. Yes, they are. Through checking out the links, I can learn much knowledge about the things you mentioned in your blog.
    4. I think I am more relaxed when I am reading news or other articles because I often read your blog which has so many new vocabulary .
    5. I’d like to read more about bilingual educational articles.
    6. Most of the blogs are difficult to read for me. This is another reason why I spend 2 hours reading the blog every week. To look up the dictionary took much time. Of course I also found some links about childrens English are easy to read.
    7. “Make Tomorrow ” is my favorite music. Especially the lyrics:
    “Where the dreamer’s dream is dared “ “In each of us / A dream can burn like the sun / Let’s try it all one more time / To get this lesson learned”
    “You wonder what they’re all struggling for / What’s it all really worth / Making tomorrow today
    8. About the food and cooking, all of them are my favorite .“Squash” “Cranberries” “Lamb Shanks” “Chicken” etc.
    9. “ Hong Kong ”is my favorite article about travel .
    10. “Cucurbitaceae” was I had learned hardest pronunciation of new words and I enjoyed all kinds of colorful pictures of gourds.

    1. Teacher Kevin

      Thanks for your very valuable feedback, David!
      I appreciate the details and your use of so many articles.
      You are definitely correct in your comment about personal improvement in your second language. Youhave worked diligently and can see the benefits!

      Keep up the great work.

  5. June

    1. In general, I Usually take two hours to read the article each week.
    2. Sometimes but not often. If the title interests me and I want to do further research I will check-out the links.
    3. Yes, I think it is very informative and instructive.
    4. Through reading I feel more confident to read, speak and express my feelings without fear of making mistake now. It has also increased my vocabulary.
    5. Subjects like travel, gardening, funny and instructive stories.
    6. Yes, some articles like arts and music are not very easy for me to understand.
    7. Sorry, I just read one or two articles about art or music. So, I really don’t know.
    8. “Tomatoes” and “fresh sweet corn”. I really like to eat them.
    9. “Xi’an”. It makes eager to visit this city.
    10. “Autumn colors begin… ” Autumn is beautiful and colorful in your hometown. It is also a harvest season.

    1. Teacher Kevin

      Your comments are helpful to me, June. Thanks.

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