Dec 13

Links for fun!

This past year, many of my students have had an opportunity to be introduced to the fun blog Wait But Why There are usually interesting topics to ponder there. My favorite for this year was How to Pick a Life Partner. If you are single you should read this before you rush into something you are not sure about. I wish I had this sound advice before I married the wrong person.

Another site offering cool info about a wide selection of topics. It is especially suited to guys, but curious gals can learn a thing or two reading at The Art of Manliness.

If you are getting motivated to kick-off the new year with an exercise program and have any interest in body-building or physical fitness this site seems to cover a lot of details. If you like running as a form of exercise go here. Also, here is an informative resource if you need to research something to do with medical issues.

Another curious little spot on the web is called, Distractify. The following article caught my attention because it has to do with New York City. The article shares some of the more popular tips for how to navigate the unwritten rules of living in NYC. It is all about proper etiquette and this piece shines a light on a recently published book loaded with helpful pointers for the uninitiated.




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