Dec 09



by Kevin Neary


A hollow hole

An emptiness that knows not why

At the core of the soul

Enough to bring tear to the eye

Was it caused by all the lies

deception and betrayal

This palpable sense of nothingness

Leaves unfulfilled the quest

For the thing that is missing

That indescribable, forever sense of longing.

Could it be a memory from a previous life unknown

An aching sense of loss from long ago

Echoes across the decades of life’s sorrow

Seeking that which would fill this void

One might gladly steal or borrow.

And approaching the years of frailty,

Is there no one who will care for me

Or, a dream turned to fevered nightmare

to awake and reckon that the reaper has not a care

of what you may fancy as only fair

Then know that every one of us will depart from this mortal plane

all alone.






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