Apr 16

More Colors of Spring

As noted in this article, the little crocus is the first flower to show in springtime. Sometimes, it will push through the snow. They offer no scent but their color is a welcome sight after months of the bland gray and white winter tones. The crocus have now faded but there are other signs of life appearing in the fields and in my various garden beds.



The next flower to appear after the crocus is the lovely daffodil. They are sturdy and last for several weeks. When the daffodils show, we can be sure that spring is truly here to stay. Around the same time as the daffodils is the fragrant hyacinth, shown in the next picture.



Hyacinths are very sweet smelling and last a few weeks if the rains don’t pummel them too badly. At the same time as these two spring colors bloom, the forsythia begin to show some bud swell. This next picture is early bloom.



In another week, the forsythia flowers will open all the way. They are prolific and will create a nice stand of spring color in a few years.

Something I like to look for at this time of year is the delicious dandelion greens. They are a bitter green that go nicely in salad or can be used as a cooked green.

Dandelion greens


Dandelion greens freshly picked and cleaned.

Dandelion greens freshly picked and cleaned.

The last 3 picture shows one of the raised beds two weeks after planting radishes, Romaine lettuce and spinach.

raised bed two weeks after planting lettuce and spinach

radishes 2 weeks after planting

Romaine 2 weeks after sowing

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