Jul 11

North Carolina Style Pig Roast

At the annual Green family picnic this year, Rich and Kim decided to try a different method for roasting the pig. This is different from the manner in which they cook pig for their restaurant.

One half of the 200 pound pig. The carcass is resting on rods to allow for the skin to cook to that crispy stage.

This method is called the North Carolina style. It involved splitting the hog in half down the spine and slow roasting it so the skin develops a crispy-crunchy texture. When the hog is fully cooked the meat falls off the bone, then the skin and meat are chopped together.

Rich is teaching his son the ways of BBQ. Here they are chopping up the hot meat and crispy skin.


Here’s a close-up to show that crispy skin.

This allows for pieces of that crisp skin to be mixed in with the tender and juicy meat. The result is a delicious flavor of the smoked meat with little surprises of crunch like crisp bacon. Also in North Carolina, they detest a tomato based barbecue sauce. Instead, they use a vinegar based sauce for dipping or pouring over the serving portion.


Some of the ladies formed teams to play volleyball. It is a fun summertime activity.

For dessert I made a double batch of brownies and added cinnamon, fresh ginger and cashews….but I chose not to violate my diet and did not eat any.

Brownies with garnished with cashews.

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    • May on July 15, 2017 at 3:40 am
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    There was a famous restaurant in Jinan, which also offers pig roast with crispy skin and tender meat. It’s name is Malena. The taste is wonderful. Unfortunately, it closed for an un-known reason recently.
    I guess to attend such a picnic was really awesome, wasn’t it?
    Finally, I have to say Brownies with Cashews looks so good, and it must be very tasty. Good for you!

    1. I love BBQ pig! The Green family picnic is always a treat for me. They do a great job with their BBQ, wether pork or beef or chicken it’s all good.
      Sadly, I had to control myself and not eat any of the brownies I made. Well, truth be told, I had a couple at home when I made them. I felt it was my duty as a matter of quality assurance! ;).

    • summer on September 12, 2017 at 6:40 am
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    This method called the North Carolina style is really cool! I love the taste of smoked meat and I believe it must be very delicious! I am dreaming I can be there to eat some…

    1. Summer dear, I can assure you it was delicious! Come visit and I share some BBQ with you.

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