Nov 10

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November in the Garden

Today the weather was relatively mild for this time of year. It was a good day to take advantage of the weather and do a few final chores in the garden. I pulled down the remaining peas and their trellis. There was one row of potatoes that I had not turned over in August when I dug the majority of the spuds up. To my delight I found some of the biggest potatoes I have ever grown. I have always pondered how the commercial growers get such huge potatoes. I now understand that the tuber continues to grow even after topping the leafy green vegetation. Potatoes can also be mulched with a heavy layer of straw and harvested in winter. It is a good way to save space in the root cellar.

Best spuds yet!

Best spuds yet!

I also attended to the asparagus bed. One last weeding, trim the dying ferns and mulch with sawdust. I also added a couple of pounds of crushed oyster shells to boost the mineral content of this bed. You can follow this link to the archives for info about preparing the bed and planting asparagus.

Weeded and mulched for Winter.  The Asparagus crowns adapted nicely to this well prepared bed.

Weeded and mulched for Winter. The asparagus crowns adapted nicely to this well prepared bed.

There is a little patch of spinach, some Swiss chard and a few heads of radicchio lettuce that will be a nice addition to the salad we have in a couple of weeks with Thanksgiving dinner.

November spinach

November spinach

Radicchio and Swiss chard.

Radicchio and Swiss chard.

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