Oct 10

Nydia the Blind Flowergirl of Pompeii.

Another sculpture that depicts a tragic historical event is Nydia the Blind Flowergirl of Pompeii. Though the character of Nydia is fictitious and taken from a novel titled The Last Days of Pompeii, by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, in 1834. The inspiration for the sculpture was actually taken from a painting tilted, Last Day of Pompeii, by the Russian, Karl Bryullov.

Nydia the blind flower girl of Pompeii

Nydia is portrayed in heroic fashion.

Though she is blind she attempts to lead two of her companions out of the hot ash.

At the time of the fatal eruption of Mount Vesuvius, many people believed the volcano was a “manifestation of God’s vengeance” and righteous anger at the decadent lifestyle lead by many wealthy citizens within the Roman Empire, during the 1st Century. There are many reasons for the decline and fall of Rome and here you may read more about it. More about the decline of Rome here.

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