Nov 29

Old and in the Way.


As I hear tell he was happy
He had his share of friends and good times
Now those friends have all passed on
He don’t have a place called home
Looking back to a better day
Feeling old and in the way

* Refrain

When just a boy he left his home
Thought he’d have the world on a string
Now the years have come and gone
Through the streets he walks alone
Like the old dog gone astray
He’s just old and in the way

* Refrain

They’ll never care about you
Cause you’re old in the way


Listen here.

In the mid-1970’s a group of young musicians on the West Coast were exploring the roots of American Bluegrass Music. Jerry Garcia, most recognized as a founding member and lead guitar for Grateful Dead, but during these recording sessions, he played mostly banjo. David Grisman, mandolin player and long time friend of Garcia and partner in the production of their many bluegrass recordings. Vassar Clements, played violin (fiddle) with every big name in country and bluegrass, jazz and pop music during the latter half of the 20th Century. Another long time Garcia friend and collaborator, John Kahn, playing the upright bass. Last but not least, guitar player, Peter Rowan, who cut his teeth in the bluegrass music scene playing with none other than Bill Monroe.

And they called themselves “Old and in the Way”. Their music was a mix of old-timey classics and new material with the same great heart and soul for which bluegrass is so loved. They even did a cover of the Rolling Stones hit, Wild Horses.

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