Jun 16

On Living.


Dum vivimus vivamus

While we live, let us live!




Something to do. Someone to love. Something to look forward.

I am not sure of who said this first but it expresses a profound understanding of a life of fulfillment.


Setting goals and working to achieve them is vitally important to living a healthy and productive existence. The following poem was written by Samuel Hall Young:

Let me die, working.

Still tackling plans unfinished, tasks undone!

Clean to its end, swift may my race be run.

No laggards steps, no faltering, no shrinking;

Let me die, working!

Let me die thinking.

Let me fare forth still with an open mind,

Fresh secrets to unfold, new truths to find,

My soul undimmed, alert, no questions blinking,

Let me die, thinking!

Let me die, laughing.

No sighing o’er past sins; they are forgiven.

Spilled on this earth are all the joys of heaven;

The wine of life, the cup of mirth quaffing.

Let me die, laughing!


I prefer to conduct my life on these terms.

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    • Morning on July 11, 2016 at 5:08 am
    • Reply

    Good poem and good terms.
    They are worthy of everyone to learn and follow.
    Something to do,something to love and something to look forward.
    If we do this, every one will feel happy and fulfilled.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the sentiment.

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